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6.30.20 An update or two or three or maybe more things!

It is only June and we have at least two more months of this RIDICULOUS Louisiana Heat!!  I’m hiding in the house today where it’s cool so I thought I’d give an update on some things in our life.

I now have partial dentures. Isn’t that too special for words!  I’ve been snaggle-toothed for a while now but this quarantining has kept most people from seeing that. I got them last Friday and I pretty much like them. Mostly for how much better I look and a little bit not for having to get used to them. Most of the time I don’t even realize they are in and I understand that is a good thing. It’s been odd going to the dentist because of this COVID mess. I have to call them when I get there. They come and get me from my car. Roy is not allowed inside. I have to sign a paper answering all sorts of questions and get my temperature taken. I always pass. I read and sign the paper in the waiting room that has chairs six feet apart. The wonderful magazines I usually enjoy have been hidden from the COVID germs.

Vegetable Garden Update: We still have vegetables growing and will publish a complete update in early July. I just want to let you know that we have decided not to grow so much next year.  The amount of work involved in maintaining the garden is just too much for us.  Preparing the vegetables for the freezer and the amount that it takes up in the freezer is almost all of it. Squatting, crawling around, weed pulling, watering and other muscle aching work wasn’t bad when we were young but not now! I spent the entire day yesterday pulling weeds and dead leaves off of the plants. I can’t bend over to pull all the weeds so I crawl around in the garden in the mud. My body yelled at me last night really loud! The vegetables in the picture below were two days worth of picking which we are enjoying.

Update on Bo and Peep:  Peep started laying more eggs within a week of her four ducklings dying. A sweet couple at our church, Marie and Charles Robbins gave us a pet carrier we will keep Bo in when these new babies start hatching.  Also, Roy felt sorry for Bo and Peep being in the sun getting hot during the day. He bought a cage cover for them where they are now happy little cooler ducks. It also serves as a way to stop Bo from flying out of or into the cage which he’d gotten pretty good at. It’s a 6-foot high cage but when Bo gave it his all he could get out! The photo below of Roy and the insulated panels for our patio cover has a picture of the duck’s penthouse right behind the yellow storage building. If Bo and Peep could speak English I’m pretty sure they would be quacking “thank you!” to their daddy Roy!

Patio cover: Yes we now have a wonderful insulated cover over our patio. I’ll write more about that later but just wanted to mention it here! I have always admired my husband Roy’s abilities but this latest project gave me a whole new larger appreciation for what he does for us using his brains, and muscles. I’ve also realized that I have become fairly useless as a helper which makes me appreciate Roy even more. He’s had help from our youngest son Chip, our neighbor Daniel and our UPS driver, name unknown but he’s done 9* percent of the project all by himself.

Decoupaging: I’m still writing about decoupaging and am almost finished with one about Rock Decoupaging. (my half brain forgot that I had completed and published the rock decoupaging post.) I’ll do one on decoupaging glass trivets (my favorite) and dinner/lunch glass plates (my least favorite.) Also about decoupaging ceramic tiles!!Two things that I am working on writing about that have nothing to do with decoupaging is about the Healthcare Heros rocks and a new favorite of mine that Bro. Randy got me interested in, rock flowers!! I can’t wait to show ya’ll the ones I’ve created!

Ya’ll have a wonderful week!



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