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06.19.2022 Happy Father’s Day Roy, Chip, Chad and the wonderful fathers at Trinity Baptist Church!

This was originally written and published in 2019. One day I hope to collect updated photos from our Trinity Baptist Church fathers and will share the updated version with ya’ll.

Happy Father’s Day to my late husband Roy, and our two sons Chip and Chad who are both amazing fathers of our five grandchildren!  Both of their families are very involved with their church and love God with all their hearts. God is the leader in both of their homes. I could not be prouder of them! I love you Roy, Chad, and Chip! 

Some of these great men at Trinity Baptist Church are no longer with us so prepare your heart for when you see them. I’ve shared these before but every time I see these my heart smiles so I hope they make yours smile too!

Well that’s it folks!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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