05.26.20 An Empty New Orleans – Photography by Douglas Adams

It is so very unusual to see the French Quarter in downtown New Orleans without people enjoying all that New Orleans offers. I’ve never seen that before, even after Katrina.

This photographer G. Douglas Adams has taken some really cool photos of the emptiness of New Orleans during the Stay at Home order having to do with the Covid-19 pandemic.  There are way more photos on his website than I am sharing below. His website is at www.gdouglasadamsphotography.com if you would like to see more. I recommend it!

I asked for permission to share these photos with ya’ll and was granted permission.


  Central Grocery where the world’s best Muffuletta’s are made! I truly hope these scenes will be changing soon!

Douglas Adams’ contact information follows:



His website is:www.gdouglasadamsphotography.com

Ya’ll have a Blessed week! We have a very wonderful developmentat our home that we’ll share with you next time!

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