05.18.20 Happy Heavenly 100th Birthday to my mama, Josie Mae Cochran Blum Traylor!



Happy Birthday in Heaven to my mama Josie Mae Cochran Blum Traylor.

She would have been 100 today.

I know she’s happier in Heaven than she ever was on earth though she made so many of us happy just by her presence. She definitely left her mark on many.  She told the children to stop when they were running in church. She believed and shared with others that you do not wear shorts to church. She loved our new sanctuary and was so determined that it not be stained by spilled drinks that she “encouraged” everyone not to bring anything to eat or drink in the church. She’d let you know if your dress was a bit short to be wearing in the choir.

While those things use to embarrass me I see now that she was so very right. Harriett and I would talk about that embarrassment, but we loved her anyway! God’s house, that we worship Him, in should be considered Holy while still being a place where joy and love abounds. We can be a rowdy bunch at Trinity and that’s part of why I love it there!

I sometimes have to bring a bottle of water into the sanctuary for morning Worship to help with my asthma and coughing. Since she was very strict about that I find myself asking her forgiveness before I enter the sanctuary. She was truly a hoot and quite a character, all the while such a loyal, forgiving mother and grandmother.3

I miss her all the time. When something new happens my thoughts always go first to wanting to share with mama though it’s been 13 years since she went to live with God. When God says my time here is over I know she will be waiting there with God to meet me in Heaven. What a peace I find in that.

I didn’t mean to write all this when I first wished her Happy Birthday in the first sentence above. Words spill out of my heart sometimes and land here. Thank you for indulging me when that happens.

Written today 2020: One last thing. We all know that what you write on Facebook or in your blog reaches those in Heaven. hahahahaha!  She would be so happy to know that Trinity’s Family Life Center is one inch from being complete. She always wanted that for our church and it’s now a reality. That would put a big big smile on her face! I love you my sweet little mama!

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