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05.04.20 Samson and Butter’s Wedding!

A week ago Sunday was a very exciting day in the life of our family! Our precious grandpuppy Samson married the love of his life, precious Butter!

Yes, you read that correctly. They wanted to have puppies so getting married was, of course, going to happen first! They knew God would be giving His blessing to their nuptials and was certainly smiling down from Heaven during the wedding!

Misty and Chip’s dog Samson is such a precious little man. His Grannie and Paw Paw (us) gave him a tuxedo for Christmas. When he met his wife and began thinking of marriage he knew he had the right apparel for their nuptials!

Look at our little man in his tuxedo!

Chip and his high school buddy Jeffrey Barnes recently reconnected when Jeffrey moved back to this area. Jeffrey and Emily are the proud parents of precious Butter, the bride!

Here is the wedding video. Madisyn walked Butter down the aisle to meet up with her fiance Samson with his mommy Misty. Kallie was the Justice of the Peace.

The newlyweds toasting with a glass of the bubbly!

Samson’s proud mama Misty with her little man!

Samson’s daddy Chip was the best man!

During the day Samson shared his tuxed with his new bride, she must have been cold! Samson’s sister Madisyn is loving on her sweet sister in law Butter!

So that ends all the wedding pictures and video. We welcome sweet Butter into our Chauvin family and look forward to baby Chauvin’s as time goes on!

Lastly, to get in a plug for Jeffrey, he is the owner of K Gee’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar in Mandeville. They are taking online orders for pick up or delivery. Enjoy some of their delicious food when you can!

Note: A few days after the doggies were wed, Samson fell off a chair onto the floor in their home. He seemed fine but an hour or so later he was snuggling with Kallie, his big sister, and they noticed he was not breathing and was stiff. Kallie did CPR on him and he started breathing again. They drove fast to the Emergency Veterinarian in Mandeville where he passed out again. The Veterinarian gave him two medicines in an IV to make the swelling in his brain and in his chest go down. They also did blood tests. Samson stayed at the emergency Vet overnight for observation and was taken to his regular Vet the next day. They think that his liver isn’t functioning correctly and watched him all day.  Misty and Chip will get test results on Monday. Prayers for this sweet little man would be appreciated!

Ya’ll have a Blessed week!

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