2020, Home in Amite

04.27.20 We have a new patio!

Roy and I recently had a patio poured outside our back door. We’ve wanted to do this since we first built the house. So many other things took priority over doing this so we patiently put it off!

The new patio is 26 x 15 and goes from a couple of feet on the right side of the back door to the other end of the house which is the 26 feet. The 15 feet is 15 feet from the back of the house toward the pond.  It is completed and we’ve been enjoying it for about a month now.

This was the part of our property closest to the back of our home before the patio was poured.These photos are of the form being built and the concrete being formed and finished on March 11th. John and Arby are the two great guys that did all the work. They were really nice guys and did a great job! Thanks guys for all your hard work, it turned out great!They drilled and pegged the existing slab with rebar. Those are Roy’s words. I called it those metal sticks put in the slab!The cement truck took a while to show up but when it did John and Arby worked very hard at using their special skills to get it all spread out and pretty! John and Arby work for A. G. Concrete the company we contracted with to do the forming and concrete work.  Bass Concrete was the company that A. G. Concrete used to provide concrete. When this moment arrived, the huge smile it put on my face wouldn’t leave! Here’s the patio a little over a month later. We have really enjoyed sitting out there in our rockers especially in the evening when the sun starts to go down and we have plenty of shade!  The view of our property and the pond from the patio is amazing! After this virus is over and our state reopens please come visit us and see that beautiful view!!

I loved the photos of the patio from each of the different angles so here they are! Bo and Peep have given their approval to the patio.  They have inspected it well!We were very pleased with all the work they did creating the patio.  After all the work was done they came to pick up all the boards, wrapping, etc.  However, after several contacts with them by both Roy and I to ask them to pick up the concrete pieces they did not pick it up. Roy even put all of the concrete pieces in one place to make it easier on them picking it up. We were not happy that they left it to us to dispose of.

I took a couple of photos of the pile of concrete for the purpose of sharing it here. Can’t find that picture so use your imagination!

We found this wind chime at Tractor Supply in Amite. It has a solar-powered candle in the top part. Looks very nice in the evenings when it starts to glow after capturing the sun’s power during the day!

If we can find four patio chairs for around the table at a really cheap price we will get those for the patio. If you or someone you know has those let us know. I’d prefer to buy my own cushions so just 4 chair frames are what I’m looking for.

We are planning a covered awning with fans and lights later this year. Roy’s been doing research and is getting quotes from various companies.

I pray that God blesses each one of you and keeps you safe!

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