2020, Virtual Vacations

04.24.20 Let’s gather at the Grand Canyon South Rim for a Virtual Vacation with the Chauvins!

I hope you all are enjoying these Virtual Vacations with the Chauvins! Niagara Falls, Yellowstone, Pikes Peak, Grand Canyon North Rim, and now Grand Canyon South Rim!

The South Rim is the most visited part of the park and it is open all year. The viewing area of the South Rim is enormous compared to the viewing area for the North Rim.

There are no bridges for vehicles going from the North Rim to the South Rim. The map above shows the five-hour drive to get from the North Rim Village to the South Rim Village.

The map below is of all the viewing locations along the South Rim. It is monster big!We were so happy to be starting our visit to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim!

These are the walkways from one viewing location to the next.  It’s a very comfortable walking path. These first two are the most famous views since they include the Colorado River which is what formed the Grand Canyon. They don’t look like pictures but rather pastel paintings. They look like that in person too!  The South Rim viewing locations have so many different views. It’s truly amazing that something like this is here in America. There is no description that could enhance any of these photos so have fun and enjoy the Grand Canyon’s South Rim!

There are many many more different views I haven’t included here. Check out the original posts where you’ll see more of these views and more information about this amazing part of America!

2015 Grand Canyon South Rim, Part 1

2015 Grand Canyon South Rim, Part 2

2017 Grand Canyon South Rim

I’m thinking about doing either Mount Rushmore, Northern East Coast states, Everything we loved in Colorado, Bryce Canyon in Utah, or Washington D.C.  There are many more to choose from but I am asking ya’ll to help me chose from the ones I just shared! Whatcha think!?


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