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04.20.20 My old lady sister is 80 years old!

My wonderful sister, Harriett Roussel, celebrated her 80th birthday in early April. That is a huge milestone birthday but her kids, Dana and Greg and their families, were not able to have a traditional birthday party for her.

Instead of a “traditional” birthday party, their creative minds came up with a very “non-traditional” wonderful 80th birthday celebration made up of a few surprises!  We were able to participate in some of the surprises and loved seeing my sister this happy. It was all a surprise coordinated with her husband George so things would go off well.

Her kids, grandkids and us wrote on 80 notecards “80 things we love about her.”  Takes a special person to deserve 80 things like that!

A birthday basket was left at her front door with novels (she loves to read) a birthday card and all of the 80 love cards!

They had delivered a beautiful flower arrangement to her house in the morning also.

She was surprised when she looked outside her kitchen window to see a HUGE Happy Birthday Grannie celebration sign. They normally put these signs facing the street but this was faced at the house so she could see it from inside the house during the day. You’ll see the beautiful sign from the front further on down.

She thought her birthday celebration was over after that but NOOOO!  We met her kids down the street and around the corner at the community park to decorate cars and get together on the plan.  This is my special nephew Greg. The vehicle is his sister Dana’s that was first in the parade line.

The community park in the background and our great (and he’s really great) nephew John running around helping everyone decorate!

Looking back from our truck to Nancy and Greg’s cars getting decorated. And the birthday parade takes off! We had one balloon on a stick and some Happy Birthday wrapping paper as our decorations so since that is very lame there will not be photos of that!  Dana put a sign on each side of our truck to help us out!

These next three are frames of the video I “tried” to take while I was so excited that she was getting to see the parade for the time. We all honked as we pulled up at their home. She and George came out and the smile of happiness on her face was priceless.

  This is the front of her Happy Birthday Grannie sign! I just love this!!

Her marvelous husband George enjoyed the parade as well!

Harriett holding the Happy Birthday sign that her granddaughter Sally made for her! They wanted to get Grannie in the picture with her sign in the front and our four car parade in the background.

Nancy’s decorate car. You see Sally and Nancy through the window. That’s Harriett’s hubby George enjoying everything! Harriett’s son Greg is in the white truck behind Nancy.

Harriett was so happy it was hard to keep her six feet away! It was hard for us as well! We all wanted to hug and be together but at least they were able to do this celebration for her 80th birthday!

The Happy 80th birthday sign in Dana’s car!

Harriett is holding the birthday card Sally made her.   One last picture of Harriett being surprised for her birthday!

Both our sons called her that evening. Chad’s little ones sang Happy Birthday to her. Chip said he had a wonderful visit with his Aunt and was so happy to talk to her for her birthday!  Harriett said she got birthday calls from friends and family.

Harriett was very deserving of this celebration. Her heart is kind and very generous and giving. She takes care of so many people in their hour of need. Church family members, other family members, her children, and grandchildren are just a phone call away from her trying to meet their needs. She’s always been giving like this as long as I can remember. At 80 she still gets out to help others and sing in her church’s Senior choir but does enjoy her share of resting time when she can!

I still call her an old lady since I’m 15 years younger than her which I always proudly proclaim!  I’ve enjoyed introducing her to others as my much older sister!

As we’ve grown older we’ve developed a deep sisterly relationship. I believe it began when we

The big and little sisters!

were both taking care of mama and were always trying to figure out what was best to do for our sweet little mama.

We talk on the phone every week or two and I look forward to those phone calls so much. I share things with Harriett I don’t share with anyone else (except Roy.) Before this virus stopped our in-person visits we either went to their home or mostly they came to ours. We always enjoy some sort of cake and coffee with them. She even brings her own cake recently!!! Both Roy and I enjoy these visits with Harriett and George.

Well that wraps up Harriett’s 80th Birthday Celebration!  Happy 80th Birthday Old Lady Sister!!


2 thoughts on “04.20.20 My old lady sister is 80 years old!”

  1. Rosie you did a fantastic tribute to you wonderful loving caring sister
    I could feel the love you all have In every picture
    My heart was full , I am so happy you all celebrated a very deserving sister , mother , mother-in-law , grannie , wife and sister-in-law
    Love you Harriet


    1. Thanks Marilyn’ she does deserve it. She told me about Robbie and his family with Covid and how long his high fever lasted. I am so happy he is past that part. We love and miss you all!


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