04.13.20 Free Kindle books from the Library – oh my goodness!!!

I learned from my friend Donna Mollere that I was missing out on free books on my Kindle.  Thinking that others may not know about this either, I have to share how to do it here!

Local libraries have many ebooks available. Not every book is available in ebook form but a lot are. What amazes me is that there are books available from famous authors such as John Grisham, and others. Books that sell for $20 and higher are and are available for download to your Kindle. Isn’t that amazing!!

I don’t pay for any of the books that I’ve been getting through BookBub BUT they are not books from famous authors like you can get from the library! I have a Kindle so that’s the only platform I know about.  If you have a different eBook reader ask the Libray about that!

Go to your local library and get a library card.  At Tangipahoa libraries, you get to pick which design you want on your library card. I haven’t had a library card in decades. We have a really nice library in Amite where we live. When you get the library card tell them you want to be able to access the digital library.  They will set you up with that and tell you what your password would be. Don’t worry about remembering the password, it’s pretty easy to remember.

This is a feature I haven’t used but man it does sound good1

If you already have a library card you probably need to go in to get set up for the digital service. I just realized that right now the library may be closed but when they open I recommend doing this!

They will give you the web address for your library. When you go into the website you’ll be amazed at how many books are available.

To find books from authors I like I use the Search (circled below.) I have also selected a couple of books from the list of Kindle Books they tell you about circled in the screen below.  I absolutely recommend reading Where the Crawdads Sing (circled below) which is the first book in the screen capture below.  No explanation for the x over one of the books, don’t know how that happened!

If a book is not currently available you can select putting a hold on it until it is available. They automatically notify you when it is available! You are able to keep a book for 2 weeks before it has to go back which is plenty of time to read a book!

That’s just a little information to get you started working your way around the library’s eBook webpages. I’m sure other parishes or counties library’s sites are similar to this.

I said above how nice our Amite Tangipahoa library is. I found some pictures to share with ya’ll. You know how I am about pictures!!!

Thanks Donna for sharing with me about this wonderful source for reading goodies! I’ve already read 28 books from our Tangi Library eBooks! I’m currently reading Steven King’s famous book “The Stand.”  It is just as wonderful as I remembered from 30 or so years ago when I read the hardback version! Oddly enough it is about a pandemic with similarities to what we’re seeing now with the Coronavirus.

Ya’ll have a Blessed Week!

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