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04.11.20 Bring on the crawfish/shrimp soup!

On Sunday evenings our son Chip and his wife Misty meet with their “home church” group at one of the member’s homes. They have a regular Worship Service on Sunday mornings but the evening small group gathers for a time of fellowship, food, and Bible study.

The world is working on creating ways to stay together yet doing it while social distancing.

Chip and his wife Misty found a great way to feed the group members so they could all do home church together. Their home church group loves meeting together. This past Sunday Chip and Misty cooked three pots of his amazing crawfish soup and shrimp soup. They divided the soups into individual containers. Then they delivered them to each group member’s home. They all got on the website GoToMeeting at 5 pm and ate together while they fellowshipped and had their Bible Study online.

These are pictures of the cooking process. Roy and Chip have this father/son thing that when they or their wives cook something that is delicious they take photos and send them to each other. So sending pictures of food cooking is a pretty standard thing for them. This time I was really proud to see them cooking this and to learn that they delivered the delicious containers to each of the group member’s homes.


This is what gotomeeting looks like on their computer screen from a week or so ago.

I hope their home church group will be able to continue this tradition of eating together online while they fellowship and study God’s Holy Word.

Chip and Misty know that “Because He Lives” is my favorite hymn because its words speak to me deeply. They sent me this couple’s singing of the first and last verses and I want to share it with you here. If you haven’t figured it out that this song is where I got the name for this blog from! I hope you enjoy hearing this.

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend!  Easter is Sunday. Families should not be gathering in large groups. Please, please don’t XXXX

3 thoughts on “04.11.20 Bring on the crawfish/shrimp soup!”

    1. 2 cans cream of Mushroom
      2 cans cream of potato
      2 cans sweet corn
      Tall container of half and half
      1 pkg cream cheese
      Green onion
      Yellow onion
      Tony Chachere’s seasoning
      1 pound peeled crawfish tails
      We rarely cook by exact amounts, we cook by taste so I apologize for that not being included. I’ve asked him to send directions and will send that when he sends them!


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