04.10.20 Billy the Cow, Chauvin grandkids art wall, and Bo and Peep’s babies

This is an update on blog posts that I wrote recently. Two are real good and one is really sad! Maybe not “box of kleenex” sad but sad nonetheless

Billy the Cow, one of our metal art cuties, got his complete makeover and is now living in a different part of our front of the house garden!

The mustardy colored areas are actually rust.  Our home’s roof drains directly onto Billy’s head and runs down his body so not only did he need to be repainted he also needed to be moved!

Here’s Billy in my craft room getting sanded down pretty severely.

And the painting makeover began. Billy will look a bit different than before.  Here he is with some new paint in parts of his head and body.

Roy said Billy was acting up one day so he brought him down by an oak tree. For punishment Roy made him put his head against the oak tree and sprayed his back with white paint. It was to punish him but Billy really liked it! You never know with those metal cows!

He was let out of his punishment and is now living in a place where the rain won’t drain off the roof onto him every time it rains! He has a nice gravel patch of ground to stand on. Before long those two grassy bushes will be large enough to cover up the dirt and the wiring, etc. behind them. It will all look so pretty!

Billy has a new smile and rosy cheeks and a pretty reddish metal flower in his hand! He’s ready and excited about meeting our visitors when they come to our house!

Our Chauvin grandkids art well is finished and I  L O V E  I T  S O  M U C H!!! I added little butterflies to the wall because like my grandchildren I love butterflies!

The sad news is that Peep stop nesting about a week ago which was well before her eggs were ready to hatch. One day Roy noticed her spending most of her time outside of her nesting cage and that was the end. Tuesday of this week would have been the approximate hatching date for the babies but there has been no hatching and she hasn’t gone back to nest on them since she originally stopped a week ago.

We don’t know why this happened but all the little duck booties I crocheted and all the other preparation we were making are all lost for this batch of babies. We bought them a swimming pool, special baby duck feeders and watering things. We are going to wait until this coming Saturday before tossing the eggs out. She may start laying again sometime. If that happens we will wait on announcing that until they hatch!

You can see into the small cage and see her nest and eggs still there. It is quite sad.

Lastly, I discovered this amazing amaryllis blooming where I didn’t remember there was one! I love it!

Well, l hope that this Good Friday finds your family together, staying home and reconnecting with those you love!

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