2020, Christian Inspiration

04.07.20 A quiet thought, by Bro. Bob Adams

Today is the anniversary of the day I became a mama! My oldest son is now 41! Wasn’t he the cutest little boy!!! Happy Birthday!

A quiet thought, by Bro. Bob Adams

In the throes of this world-wide pandemic I see God everywhere!

Surely He is visible in the scriptures, prayers, and music of worship that come easily and richly to faithful believers.

However, He is also present beyond the words and music of our beautiful faith.
The crisis has birthed magnificent displays of the creative spirit: Stories. Jokes. Memes. Poems. Music. Pictures. These sometimes shake us with laughter and sometimes melt us in sorrow, but it is all a fresh-born expression of sacred peoples’ minds and hearts.

The source of such human creativity must be God Himself, the Eternal Creator! God is also glimpsed in every gloved hand and masked face.

He is found in the six feet between people standing in lines to get supplies. All these shout, “I will protect my loved ones, and myself, and even you – the stranger.”

Surely this protective spirit has its roots in God who hovers over us as a mother hen covers her chicks. Look out and see all the selfless acts of service on display around us.

The truckers driving long, lonely miles.

The policeman risking his life to guard our streets and cities.

The checkout clerk spending the day close to endless faces with panting breaths.

Government leaders carry the suffocating burden of making wide-ranging life and death decisions.

Every health care worker that rises day after day and night after night to wade into the middle of a vast cauldron of suffering people is an expression of God’s own unselfish sacrifice for us.

On and on and on . . . Hallelujah!

Thank you Bro. Bob! We miss you and Ms. Janice.

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