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04.12.20 Happy Resurrection Sunday! Let us join together in Worshiping our Lord – Week 4

Sunday morning at 10:45 am, and every future Sunday until we can all gather together again in person, Trinity Baptist Church will broadcast our worship services on Facebook and on the church’s website.

The newly updated online Worship Service at Trinity now includes so much that a lot of what I was sharing here is no longer needed. The words of the songs we will be singing will be easily readable on the screen of wherever medium you are watching the worship service. The names of those leading the various parts of the Worship Service are also now on the screen.

The feeling of togetherness joining with others during our Sunday online Worship Service is deeply comforting. I love that the same people we sit in a physical church with are all in their homes worshiping God at the same time!

Please join us this Easter Sunday which I prefer to call Resurrection Sunday!

Trinity’s website’s broadcast address is. http://https://trinitybaptistla.com/live

The picture below is from the page on the church’s website that you will be taken to. The actual sermon will not start until 10:45.  The live stream will begin 10 minutes before that to bring you information about our church and some wonderful music! To see the scripture and sermon outline click on the blue SERMON OUTLINE link at the bottom of that page on the church’s website.

I will keep this abbreviated form of this Sunday blog post coming so ya’ll can easily get to the Worship Service online! We look forward to Worshiping together again with you all next Sunday! May God Bless all of you!

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