04.03.20 Something invisible came and put everything in its place

I’ve wanted to write something like what I am sharing below since early on in this time with life-changing coronavirus.  We’ve had our lives thrown up in the air and are having to figure out what is coming back down. I wanted to write because even in this time of uncertainty I could see so much happiness in people’s lives getting to spend much-needed family time with their loved ones.

Yesterday, Thursday, was a really hard brain day for me. One of those days that I don’t understand things, don’t remember how to do things (big and little things), can’t do things I normally could and just cry and curse from frustration.  I’ve loved writing these daily blog posts lately and by the large number of views, ya’ll are enjoying reading them.

It seemed to be really helping my brain writing these blog posts daily again. Today, however, my brain wouldn’t cooperate so I could write something for Friday. This afternoon I came across what I am sharing below.  I wasn’t even looking for anything to share.  I thanked God for putting this before me as it relieved my mind of “what will I write for tomorrow?”  If something new doesn’t come into your mailbox each day I want you to know that I’d like your prayers that day for the brainpower I need to keep creating!


I don’t know if you agree, but something invisible came and put everything in its place.

Suddenly the gasoline went down, pollution went down, people started to have more time.

So much time that they do not know what to do with it – parents are spending time with their kids as a family, work is no longer a priority or traveling or social life either.

Suddenly we silently see within ourselves and understand the value of the words “solidarity”, “love”, “strength”, “empathy” and “faith”.

In an instant, we realized that we are all in the same boat; rich and poor. That the supermarket shelves are empty and the hospitals are full.

New cars and old cars also stand in the garages, simply because nobody can get out.

Empty streets, less pollution, clean air, the land also breathes.

The human returns to his origins, realizing that with or without money, the important thing is to survive.

Today, health is the main thing, even in spite of wanting to have or possessing.

It took 6 days for the universe to establish the social equality that was said to be impossible.

Fear invaded everyone.

At least this happened to realize the vulnerability of the human being.

Nature is forcing us to clean up the mess made by ourselves.

Our overthrown gods:
– Money
– Sports
– Fame
– Politics

What the coronavirus is teaching us:
– Our best protection: GOD
– Our best refuge: HOME
– Our best company: FAMILY
– Our real-time: TODAY
– Nature’s call: STOP US
– Its message: WAIT, RESPECT

We are not gods, we are not kings, we do not have the power of controlling everything.

We are part of a whole, fragile, brittle and vulnerable something.

Part of a whole something that we wanted to dominate & today is telling us:

Stop, breathe, respect.

Go back to the basics, to the essentials, that the peace of your soul guide you towards what you are: a CREATION.

I hope this finds everyone well and comfortably tucked in at home with your loved ones!


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