04.02.20 Let’s Gather at Yellowstone and take a Virtual Vacation with the Chauvins

If you ask Roy where his favorite place is in our country and he will say immediately “Yellowstone!”  We visited Yellowstone in July 2015 in our first trip out west.

Last week ya’ll came on your Virtual Vacation with the Chauvins to Niagara Falls. This week I am sharing some of  the photos and some of the information about Yellowstone that we shared in the longer original posts.  The links to those oroginal posts are at the bottom of this one!

This is a great map showing all of Yellowstone. Driving through what is a figure eight you see everything – it’s amazing!

Yellowstone is 2.2 million acres in size. Shaped like a figure eight (see picture to the left), the upper loop and lower loop combined are approximately 142 miles long with the average speed limit of 45 mph.


As we drove up to Yellowstone we saw one lonely bison and we got good pictures of him. You can see how large they are. To take the photo of the bison by himself we pulled up alongside him in the RV and I opened the door and snapped the photo.

20150721_132348 (Small)The wildlife we were able to see and some we got up close with was unbelievable!

20150722_121611 (Small)

These pictures and others are of fumaroles. A fumarole (ultimately from the Latin fumus,” smoke”) is an opening in a planet’s crust, often in the neighborhood of volcanoes, which emits steam and gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, and hydrogen sulfide.

If you haven’t been to Yellowstone you really can’t grasp what these fumarole’s actually look like. Being from Louisiana this all looked like what a different planet might look like.

2019We were given a very helpful paper map when entering the park. Get one and use it, it was a wonderful way to know what we were looking at was really all about!

It seemed like every curve we’d take while driving through Yellowstone we’d see a beautiful babbling creek, a beautiful waterfall or forested countryside.


3034The lower loop is a world of heat and gasses, where microorganisms live in such numbers they change the color of the landscape.

b19b14b20b28After seeing these wild places in the earth we came across again beautiful forests and rivers.  God painted this place beautifully!

b31We finished off the second day by experiencing the phenomena which is Old Faithful

b37b46The sounds of awed people when the eruption was in full force was goose bump material!

b47bYellowstone information states there are over 10,000 geysers in the area.  We were constantly reminded that we were traveling atop a volcano which is difficult to get our mind wrapped around. God’s creations always amaze and humble us.  He is so great and we are mere mortals living in His world.

b54b52And around the next corner is another magnificent waterfall and river!

b68We took over 500 photos in our two days at Yellowstone. There are not 500 pictures in our original blog posts but there are many more pictures of this beautiful National Park than those I’ve shared above. Check them out and enjoy your virtual tour of Yellowstone National Park! It is absolutely worth the time to travel there and your “America is Beautiful” meter will be reaching SUPER AWESOME!

Day One in Yellowstone

Day Two in Yellowstone

Next week I’ll be sharing another one of our favorite places to visit in the United States! There so many to choose from!

Ya’ll have a Blessed Week!



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