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03.24.20 Kids LOVE painting and hiding rocks! All the skinny on how to do it!

I absolutely LOVE rock painting! If you know me you know this is a passion of mine! Sitting in my rock room painting rocks and listening to Christian gospel music puts me in my absolute best “Happy Place!”

If you have kiddos at home while schools are closed and throughout the summer rock painting is a great way to help them pass the time! Even my 5 year old granddaughter makes some really nice rocks! Since no one should be hiding rocks right now, the kids and you can hide them in your yard! They will enjoy it all from painting to hiding! If they don’t hide them, they can let them collect and hide them in the community when we all get back to our normal lives!

Some of the rocks I got recently at Smith’s Landscaping in Ponchatoula!

Rock painting awakens creativity in my brain. It’s simple to do and I love that I can reach out to others about God’s love and saving grace, and put a smile on someone’s face, spreading joy, and possibly brightening their day.

My friend Nancy sent me a picture like this in case of these adorable “chicks” I’d like to do these. I loved the idea and these little guys are my creations!

I’ve stopped hiding rocks until the virus spreading is over so please do the same with your children. No rocking hiding, just lots of painting and creating!

Lately I’ve gotten into decoupaging by applying napkins and wrapping paper to glass plates and trivets. I’ll write about that soon.

It’s a whole different thing than rock painting although I do a bunch of rock decoupaging as well.

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If you have questions about any of this please let me know in a comment. I’ll answer as soon as I can.

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Our faith in God is getting us through this. We know that He is in control and whatever comes our way He will be beside us all the way. Do you have this assurance that comes through salvation making God your Lord and Savior of your life? I hope so, if not ask me. I’d love to share what God has done in our lives and how he’s walked with us through the valleys and the mountain top experiences.

Have a Blessed week!


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