03.12.20 Bo and Peep’s newest adventures

The last time we shared about Bo and Peep’s Adventures Peep (the female) was laying eggs and we anticipated a growing family of ducks.  Well. we are not sure why this happened but Peep never got on the eggs she laid to nest.  It was pretty awful when Roy had to throw the eggs away. She’s a pretty easy going duck and the loss of those eggs didn’t seem to bother her.

Time went by and no more eggs. Then she started popping those little things out like before at the rate of one a day! We don’t know exactly how many they are but here is her nest that I think is beautiful. We think it is around 13 eggs.

I think seeing Peep nesting is just precious. She will be sitting on her eggs for around 23 hours out of the 24 hours in a day.  When Roy let them out of their protected overnight cage this morning she enjoyed some running around time then headed back in to sit on her babies!

Bo waddles around the yard now without her which is very weird because they have always been together wherever they went! He spends some time kind of guarding her in the cage too. Roy got this close up picture by zooming in from far enough away to not disturb Peep.  Doesn’t she make a beautiful mama! We believe that Peep laying eggs and nesting and Bo being protective of her may be the explanation for some erratic behavior Bo has been exhibiting towards me lately. This doesn’t happen to Roy, just me. I cannot go out in the yard with no shoes on or non-closed toed shoes on. He pecks at them and then starts actually bitting at me on my feet, legs and wherever he can get to me.

He doesn’t always do it thank goodness.

He can see me come out the back door and he’ll fly up the hill and waddle quickly to my feet. I wear knee-high boots outside now. He doesn’t seem to care about me when I sit down to pull weeds etc. He leaves me along and will even sit down next to me! Strangest thing!

Day 1 of Peep’s nesting was yesterday, March 11th. She will nest for around 28 days which will be April 7th.  That is our oldest son’s birthday so he’ll possibly share his birthday with some of his nieces and nephews!

Well, that’s our Bo and Peep update and their most recent adventure, becoming parents. Our next planned update will be when those babies start hatching!

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend!  In light of the concerns about the coronavirus I thought the scripture below may helpful to someone.




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