03.10.20 I love to pull weeds

Yes, I love to pull weeds. Now don’t go getting all crazy thinking I’ll come to your home to pull your weeds. The answer would be NO! I doubt I’d pull someone else’s weeds even if I got paid!  Well maybe I’d pull weeds at my sons’ homes but THAT’S IT!

Right now I am stretched out on our sofa resting my screaming back after spending 3 hours pulling weeds around some of our trees. When I am pulling the weeds I lay on my side propping up my head with my knuckles to get into the best position for pulling.  This makes different muscles and joints hurt than if I sat up crosslegged and pulled.  But I no longer am able to sit crosslegged! Fat people just can’t do that!

I know when I get down on the ground that I will be there for a long time and that when I am done I will be laying on the sofa with my back screaming but I do it anyway. I scoot around the grass on my bottom and wind up with a very brown bottom when I’m finished.

Not only do I love it but I am good at this weed pulling too! It is an art that I’ve honed over many years and perhaps decades. Yes I still know big words like “honed”

I love to take something that looks rather ratty and after pulling some (to a lot) weeds turning it into something that looks nice and manicured. There is the feeling of getting something done that counts.

Thank goodness for our pine trees that produce a lot of pine needles each year. I pile up a lot of pine needles around all the oak trees and pine trees. That helps a lot on the weed pulling. Not so many weeds to pull!

I don’t wear gloves or use fancy tools in my weed pulling. Every now and then I’ll need a hand shovel but that’s not often. I don’t let our weeds get strong enough roots before I yank them out of the soil!  I try as best I can to get every root up out of the ground so those little boogers cannot continue sprouting more weeds.

There is one thing that’s kinda cool about weed pulling when you the weeds are growing around things. Usually in our yard in the same place I pulled up the weeds there are a lot of St. Augustine grass runners to pull up….. and plant somewhere else!!! So today’s weed pulling produced a lot of grass runners to be planted tomorrow!

I’m finishing this up on Tuesday morning and am hopeful that the rain has ended so the grass runners can get planted. I have to make sure Victor and Nicki on the Young and Restless are doing well first!

I hope ya’ll have a Blessed week!


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