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03.05.20 The words of Christian hymns truly never leave you

The words of Christian hymns truly never leave you. Their words and what they mean to our lives are imprinted on our hearts. No matter what amount of time has passed, when we hear the music, the words come streaming back into our minds and out of our mouths as we sing them!  I listen to a lot of hymns on my computer while enjoying creating in my craft room. Right now I’m listening to Alan Jackson sing several hymns played on Roy’s computer in his office. The volume is turned up so I can hear them in the living room.

What made me start thinking about hymns staying in our hearts was something that happened yesterday. We had one of our occasional visits from our son Chip. He brought the Alan Jackson CD “Precious Memories” with the hymns on it. We played them like we are doing right now. Chip was cooking a special breakfast for us and I started to hear him sing with the hymns. He sang every word of hymns he had not sung in church in years.

Chip was raised at our church Trinity Baptist Church where we’ve mostly sung from a Baptist Hymnal all his growing up life. As an adult, he began going to and now is a member of a non-denominational church that does not sing hymns. They sing contemporary Christian songs which I also love but they are not the old hymns. I would have thought he’d have forgotten the words of the hymns he used to sing. Not so, he could sing every word of every song we listened to.

Roy, Chip and I were singing together with the music. Chip was in the kitchen cooking, I was in the living room and dad was in his office.

The sounds of the music, our three very untrained voices, all singing praises to our Lord was a moment I won’t soon forget. I thank God for our Christian family and the love for our Lord that we all have.

The weekend is almost here, I hope you have a Blessed one!

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