2020, Home in Amite

02.28.20 Getting ready for spring blooms!

We have two large ornamental grass bushes near our driveway. They are beautiful when in full bloom but over the winter the beautiful green long leaves die off. Last year Roy cut them both back really well and they were prettier that year than ever before.

This year when Roy got to that item on his “honey do” list he did a great job cutting it back. The first photo below is of one of the bushes cut back. He did the cutting and I picked it up and piled it in our driveway. We had one chair out there and when one of us was doing our part the other one rested in the chair.

When Roy lit the pile on fire I just knew the whole house was going to go up in flames.  It did not! 

I guess that’s how things are done out here in the country.  This was about a month ago and now those bushes are shooting out new growth all over the place! It won’t be long before we can start seeing their beauty again! 

Our blueberry bushes have lots of blooms on them which I am hopeful means a productive blueberry season, FINALLY!!  I hope you can see the blooms on this one bush. They are light pink. We have eight bushes which would mean lots of blueberries!

We cut back and divided our lantana bushes so hopefully, soon we’ll have new blooms and flowers on those. One of our knockout roses died last year. We don’t know why but it was dug up and a new one planted. They have sprouted lots of leaves and should be blooming soon. The azaleas are doing well and blooming now like they do each year. Lots of our bulb flowers are sprouting all over our property.  A couple have bloomed but I’m waiting for more blooms before taking photos to share!

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend!





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