12.27.19 The Legend of Ed Orgeron, by “Papa Heaux”

No photo description available.

The thunder rumbles in Death Valley
A storm has arrived this you know
This storm brings bright lightening to rally
And the storm’s name is “Coach O”

LaFourche is the bayou on which he was born
To parents named BaBa and CoCo
They saw a special light in this one they adorned
A young Prince who we now call Coach O

Making a life in Galliano he drove a shrimp boat
And he grew to be the man that we love so
With that gravelly Cajun voice from deep in his throat
He became the King who we call Coach O

He took a group of cub Tigers under his paw
And breathed fire deep into their souls
He turned them into scrappers and fighters without flaw
This Papa Cat who we call Coach O

He conquered this country with fire and with storm
With a handsome young quarterback named Burrow
Making strength and love forever his norm
Not afraid to show tears is brave Coach O

This man is a hero to the people of Luzianne
A symbol of pride to people I love and know
But against the LSU Tigers no one can stand
As long as they’re lead by Coach O

You see him on the screen after he’s just been tried
And you know its not just for show
When he says GEAUX TIGERS he makes you swell with pride
This tower of a man named Coach O


Ya’ll have a Blessed Weekend!

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