2019, Home in Amite

12.12.19 Two weeks of doctors and a couple of rocks

Six doctor and physical visits in two weeks for Roy.

Monday of last week Dr. Rochelle gave Roy an epidural steroid injection last Monday at the North Oaks Surgery Center in Hammond. It went well and after about a week most of Roy’s pain has subsided.  I love hiding my rocks around these doctor’s offices. This one was left at the Surgery Center and someone shared on Rosie Rocks that they found it and loved it.

Wednesday of last week Brennan Kelsey met with Roy for his initial physical therapy session at Kelsey Physical Therapy in Amite.

Friday of last week Roy and I went to our new dentist Dr. Gregory Strain, in Independence. We’ve been going every other Friday for the last six weeks having much needed dental work done. It’s all covered mostly by our Peoples Health/Medicate plan and we are taking advantage of that new benefit as much as we can! Dr. Strain and his staff are absolutely wonderful. They remember so much about us each visit even though it’s been 2 weeks since we saw them last. They have been working together for around 15 years and work like a smoothly oiled machine! They explain everything, show us exactly what’s happening for each tooth on the x-ray that needs work.

Monday Roy went to his second physical therapy session in Amite. Roy isn’t doing real strenuous PT until he sees the Vascular surgeon.

Wednesday Roy went to his third physical therapy session in Amite. One of my rocks was found there and they shared it on Rosie Rocks!

Thursday Roy met with the vascular surgeon, Dr. Gregory Eckholdt at Ochsner’s Heart and Vascular Health Center in Hammond to see if the aneurysm could be causing some of Roy’s pain. The doctor ordered a CT Scan because he says the previous tests have conflicting results about the aneurysm size. Roy will have that done on the 23rd. They will call with results from the CT Scan and schedule a return appt after if needed. Roy’s pain level is minimal (Praise God!) since he had the injection so we are hopeful it lasts until next year at least!

Dr. Eckholdt also gave Roy the okay for him to do more strenuous physical therapy exercises.

There are no doctor’s appointments Friday or Saturday, so we’re both looking forward to some downtime. Bo and Peep may be looking forward to some family time with us and that will be quite fun!

Ya’ll have a Blessed Weekend!




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