12.06.19 Cindy’s Retirement Lunch with “THE GIRLS”

On Wednesday, several of “the girls” who worked together over the years in the Office of Technology at Southeastern Louisiana University gathered to honor our dear friend Cindy LeBlanc who recently retired.

Cindy wrote this on her facebook page the day she retired. It describes so well her connection to her work life at Southeastern and her love of her time working there:

“For the last 34 years of my life I’ve spent a huge majority of it at Southeastern Louisiana University in McClimans Hall, room 109. The department name has changed many times during my 34 years, but my work area (the exact spot where I’ve sat for 32 of these 34 years) has never changed. You were always welcome to room 109. You will still be welcome but you won’t find me behind door number 109. I’ve made a great big decision or should I say, another great big life decision. At the end of this day, Tuesday, November 26, I will be retired. Yep, retired from a job that I’ve done more than half my life. I’ve met and made some amazing friendships that I shall cherish for the rest of my days. These people, my co-workers, we have been with each other through many celebrations and many sorrows, enjoyed the happy times as well as our share of the bad times. Many of them have already gone on to other opportunities or gone on to their heavenly homes. They still remain in my memories and will so for as long as I have a memory. It’s time now for me to take it easy, get through my cancer treatments, spend more time with my family and grandchildren (I have a new one on the way in December) work on all the crafts that are waiting for me in my crafting cottage, and do some fun things with my hubby. I must say though, when you’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to work at a job you love and work with so many special people that you care about, it’s very emotional saying good bye. Wiping tears from my eyes, I will just say, see you later.”

Cindy has had a welcoming smile for anyone coming through that door (Room 109), an understanding ear when we needed it and a dear friend to all of us.  I know she will be greatly missed by all those still working at Southeastern.

All the ladies in the photo below met at Hammond Streetside Market for Cindy’s retirement lunch with “THE GIRLS.” The ladies in the photo are Hannah, Jacquelyn, Becki, Cindy (the newest retiree), Donna, Sandy, and Rosalyn!

We talked and talked and talked and talked and then ate some! I had seafood stuffed potato which was delicious. Streetside Market has a lot of different types of food on their menu. I believe all of us enjoyed what we ordered.

While sitting next to Cindy it was difficult to get a photo of her so I found this one that also includes her dear friend (and ours) Angelique who we all worked with and who recently moved to Texas.

This is me and my dear friend who was my boss at Southeastern. She’s boss to all of the ladies in the first picture. She’s retired too but sill goes to work two days a week.

Jacquelyn, Becki, and Sandy actually stopped talking for a minute for me to take this picture! Don’t they look like nice ladies, they are!

Thank you Cindy for all the years of friendship you’ve given to me. I love that you are also now retired and can’t wait to hang out in your She Shed (craft cottage) creating something fun together and talking of course! If we gather on Wednesday Sandy can join us!  Those other ladies still hang out at the office so we’ll just send them some pictures of the fun we’re having!

We all enjoyed the time we got to spend together at the luncheon so much we are hoping to do it every month! We’re all very close and have truly been to heck and back together so I’m happy we will be gathering more often!

Here’s a photo of Cindy, Jaquelyn, Donna and I being goofy a while back when I came to visit. Look at my bags Cindy, I’ve had them for a while! It’s sad, I know!



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