10.02.19 Name One Thing Kids Nowadays Will Never Experience

I’ve seen this on Facebook several times and you probably have too.  You may have even added a response from your life experience.  I gathered a bunch of responses to share here.

We had it pretty great back then.  Maybe not in all things but I can have selective memory can’t I! Lots of these brought back wonderful memories I hadn’t thought of in a long time.  I hope it brings wonderful memories to you!

  • The happy carefree summer days when (after our chores were done) we felt safe and free to wander around our neighborhoods, farms, communities, etc. without our parents having to worry or fear for our safety.
  • Something we use to do a lot was lay a quilt out in the yard and look at the different cloud formations. We would also lay a quilt out in the yard at night time and look at the stars.
  • Christmas Wish Book catalogs
  • The speakers at the drive-in! Remember those speakers? You had to park “just right” and hope yours worked!
  • Telephones that had a telephone cord, only so long, try to get some privacy, I remember stretching that cord as long as I could!! The struggle was real!! 
  • Milk delivered to your door every other day and placed it in the freezer box by the door. The gallon glass jug had a paper twist lid.
  • Manners, and respect for others.
  • Riding in an open bed of a truck, with my brothers and our dog, on the freeway (highway). And other people just smiled and waved at us!
  • Having to lay on the floor or sit in a chair to have a long conversation on the phone because the cord was so short.
  • Walking or riding a bike to and from school.
  • To be able to play outside and walk the streets without fear. Knowing all your neighbor’s and didn’t have to worry or even have to lock your doors. Respect for family and people in general.
  • Using the card catalog in the library to look up books for term papers.
  • Walking to the neighborhood store to buy some candy all by yourself or with friends. You knew your neighbors and they knew who you were.
  • Muscle cars, big motors with 4 barrel Holly carburetors.
  • Windows open at night because of no air conditioner.
  • Moms being home.
  • One family car
  • The thrill of that most important letter finally arriving in the mailbox!!!!
  • Playing jacks on the auditorium hardwood floor at school when the weather was too bad to go outside.
  • Telephone booth where the door closes and live operator on the line if you want to call collect.
  • Changing the channels by hand on the TV (and there were only THREE channels to watch…if the President came on, your night was shot!)
  • Gas station employees pumped our gas, cleaned our windshield, checked our oil, and the air pressure in tires.
  • Putting on your roller skates on your own shoes and tightening them with a skate key!
  • Being able to play outside safely until 10 pm.
  • Reading the “Burma Shave” signs traveling down the highway.
  • The smell of mimeographed papers at school and big jars of white paste.
  • Checking the phone booth coin return to see if anyone left a dime in it.
  • Returning pop bottles for deposits to get spending money.
  • The taste of an ice-cold Nehi Strawberry Soda that really tasted like strawberries.
  • Catching fireflies in a glass jar as darkness descends.
  • Getting up early to watch cartoons on TV every Saturday morning.
  • Rewinding a cassette tape with a pencil.
  • Mom gave us a quarter for the payphone to call home when an event was over.
  • Returning empty pop bottles to the store for penny candy
  • Reading the cereal box and hoping the toy in the cereal box was found and was cool.
  • Encyclopedias..Saturday morning cartoons..board games..hula hoop..kickball..hide and seek..double dutching..skating..skateboarding..chalk writing on the sidewalks..monkey bars..seesaws..bike riding..popping a wheels..naming things in the clouds..being respectful..using a rotary telephone..or pay phone..no air conditioners ..steel blade fans..turn dial on the Television..washing board ..writing to penpal..etc..etc..etc..
  • Listening to 78 records on a turntable.
  • Ironing handkerchiefs…black and white TV….no garbage disposals…
  • Waiting for someone on your party line to hang up so you can make your call.

I’m sure ya’ll can think of more.  If you do send them to me and I’ll add them to this list!

Ya’ll have a Blessed week!





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