2019, Home in Amite

09.22.19 “Surprise Honey, I did something really bad……”

I have to say how thankful I am that God opened the skies for us and gave us two good rain showers on Saturday. It’s been over 20 days with no rain in our area and we really need it. We had to water everything at least 2 hours a day to keep plants, crops, and grass from dying.

This started out to be a blog post on an entirely different topic but since Saturday turned out to be something other than a wonderful rain day it’s changing course now!

Roy summarized on Facebook this morning what happened yesterday.

I haven’t been able to fly my Remote Control planes lately as I’ve been very busy doing a lot of landscape work around the house. I got everything finished today around 1:30 pm and decided that I would meet the guys at the flying field in Hammond and do a little flying.Image may contain: phone

Rosalyn, bless her heart, stayed at home and planted grass runners in some of the areas that I spread fresh dirt on. It started raining and she decided to continue working since she was under big oak trees. She constantly misplaces her phone so we recently got her a case with a lanyard. She was wearing it today when it started raining and decided to tuck it into her blouse.

She has a Galaxy S7 which is supposed to be water resistant and a non removable battery. She said that the screen started flashing so she decided to surprise me by fixing it herself.

Instead of turning off the power and waiting until I got home, armed with a razor blade she proceeded to remove the battery not knowing that it wasn’t supposed to be removed by the end user. This picture is the result of her work.

Now I have been known to be able to fix many things but I have never heard of anyone who was able to revive the dead especially after a mutilation.  When I walked in the door at home after flying she said “Surprise Honey, I did something really bad.”

Thank you and now you can laugh but before laughing too hard, remember that she has dementia.

Isn’t he the sweetest!

Fast forward to today. All my text messages and phone numbers are G O N E. Roy said that my photos are still on the Sim Card. Ya’ll know how I love to take photos and share them.  I take pictures like other people breathe!  The blog post I was preparing originally needs photos so it will get published when I get a new phone.

Roy found a used phone like mine in Ponchatoula on Facebook Marketplace.  We are meeting the lady with the phone in Ponchatoula after the Saints game to buy it so there may be a good ending to what really was, for me, a very sad phone story.  I’ll hopefully be back in business by nightfall!

Ya’ll have a Blessed week!



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