2019, Home in Amite

09.18.19 Creating a Picnic Area – Part Two

I didn’t say this in part one but this series of blogs is mostly so we can remember what we did while creating the picnic area on our property. If you want to read it we appreciate your interest! Once it’s finished and you want to come to visit us there

Part of the project we are calling “Creating a Picnic Area” included bringing water to the new area for cleaning and plant watering, balloon filing and other fun things!

We priced renting a ditch witch to make the 160-foot long trench for the water line and it was $165.  My hard-working husband being the beast that he is decided he should dig the trench himself. For four days in the early morning and late evening he dug 20 foot long segments of trench each time.  Sometimes when I didn’t catch him doing it he dug more than 20 foot at a time.

We got the 160 foot of pipe from Coburns in Hammond.  My ingenious hubby tied it all to the side of our truck to get it from Hammond to Amite.

 This is the PVC pipe that the pipe and faucet are mounted in.  This is located on the fence betweem the two fig trees.

And the digging began! Smartie Roy watered the pathway where he would be digging to make the digging a bit easier. He also brought his outside fan there to help with the overwhelming heat we are having. The trench pathway at the top of the hill leading to the origination of the water source.

This is where Roy tied into the water source.

The pedestal is where Dora use to connect for electricity and water.  

We’ve seen lots of This Old House episodes about putting expanding foam insulation in the walls and other spaces.  Roy wanted to do this using the liquid form in the PVC tubes at the beginning and the end of the new water pipe.  He mixed part A and part B of polymerplanet together and it was so cool watching the foam work its way up to the top of the tube.  It overflowed a little big making a mushroom shape on top.  Roy sliced that off and put the cap on! Both end pipes are well protected against freezing. These are pictures of Roy mixing the parts together and the foam insullation filling the pipe.

  All of this was done so we could have water close to the new picnic area.   

This put a big smile on my face!

In Creating a Picnic Area Part Three I’ll share photos of the new picnic area and the view from that area!

Ya’ll have a blessed week!

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