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09.13.19 Creating a Picnic Area! – Part One

Bridging the Gap – post three

The side of the end of our pond didn’t have a lot of improvements until recently. It was on our list but money and other issues kept us from working over there.

This photo is from Google satellite. I’m sharing it so you can get a good understanding of where “side of the end of our pond” actually is.

A little back story of how we got to the point where we can Create a Picnic Area is needed. When we first purchased our property we had a ditch going from our neighbor’s land to the pond. It was difficult to cross and made it difficult getting access to our property on the side of the end of our pond. As many will remember that was a huge project all in itself.

Here are some photos of the area back in December 2015 of the culvert installation area and the area on the side of the pond I will be writing about.

The ditch was difficult to navigate so we (of course I mean Roy) and a big piece of equipment dug deeper in the ditch to install a massive (massive to me) culvert.

Once the culvert was laid in place we had an unexpected monster monsoon rain and the culvert kept trying to float into the pond.

Roy worked out in the rain for hours rescuing the culvert from floating into the pond. Once the area dried he created a very secure means of anchoring the culvert.

You can see in the video below that the water continued to wash around and through the culvert making it very insecure.

We’ve come a long way since getting the culvert secured and covered with dirt. We spent many hours planting small patches of grass to cover all of the areas shown in the picture above.

In case you’re really interested in the issues and what all went into getting the two culverts together and fighting to get the culvert finished here are three posts from back then. I know most of ya’ll don’t care but there is that really curious group who weren’t with us back then so here they are.

Bridging the Gap – post one

Bridging the Gap – post two

Bridging the Gap – post three

This year our project is to “Create a Picnic Area” surrounded by plants, a hammock and lots of visiting space. This started when we found a square picnic table with four benches on sale at Tractor Supply Store. Being Roy, he doesn’t do anything halfway so the picnic table became a project all in itself! When planting bushes and plants that far away from our house we had no way to water the plants and clean the paddle boat and picnic table. Part two of “Creating a Picnic Area” will be about how that need was achieved.

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend!


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