2019, Family Fun

09.04.19 Chauvin Family Weekend Fun!

When Paw Paw and Grannie get to spend the weekend with Madisyn, Chip and his lovely wife Misty, we are very heart happy! Extremely exhausted and brain dead grandparents heaven, but very heart happy!

Friday evening we picked up Madisyn and headed to Olive Garden for dinner with Misty and Chip.  I have to admit that Roy and I made HOGS of ourselves with the delicious food there.  Roy ordered the Shrimp Scampi and I ordered Shrimp Alfredo.  I can still taste the deliciousness of their alfredo sauce covering the delicious shrimp.  We didn’t stop there though.  We both ordered Zeppoli (see the picture below0 which they describe as soft, traditional Italian doughnuts dusted with powdered sugar, served with chocolate sauce for dipping.

Somehow my not perfect eyes thought there would be four of these on the plate.  Wrong! There were 8 to 10.  Roy and I should have split an order but being the HOGS that we are we wanted our own.

This is me and my sweet son Chip who treated us to that fabulous dinner.

Saturday started with a stop at Starbucks for coffee and breakfast.  I never go out for breakfast so this was a treat for me! Then it was on to Mississippi to see our granddaughter Kallie at her new apartment.  She goes to college there. I’ve never seen a college student’s apartment like this one.  Very nice! No pictures there but I got to meet her new roommate and visit with the one I already knew.

Sweet Madisyn getting ready to get in the water!

The swimming pool at the apartments was fabulous.  Misty and Madisyn swam and Grannie sat on the edge and put my legs in.  It was a very unusual pool.  The first ten feet were very shallow, then a few steps down into the 3-foot pool. We were the only people

Next, we ate lunch at Wendy’s.  My favorite fast food is their Apple Pecan Chicken Salad and that’s what I got. We came back to Ponchatoula for some girl time pampering at Polish Nail Bar and Boutique.  I got my nails polished a blue to match the blouse I planned to wear to church Sunday.  I am a traditional pink or red polish girl but it seems the fashion now is any old color, so I’m in style!  Things have changed, shaking head!

After a delicious dinner cooked by my son, Chip and Misty we all ate around the dinner table enjoying some quiet family time.  Dinner around the table with all the family was something we always did with our sons growing up and it makes my heart happy to enjoy that time with Chip’s family.

The day was full of activity and fun ending with time at the local roller skating rink.  This brought back old family memories of us all at the roller rink.  Chip, Misty, and Madisyn skated away! Misty is a GREAT skater, Chip is a work in progress and Madisyn needed the plastic pipe thing to skate.  They all had a great time going round and round and round the rink!

Chip and Misty!

Madisyn whirling around the rink!

Here’s the skaters with I think, Madisyn on her tippy toes!

After all this fun and activity Grannie fell into the bed and didn’t move all night! Sunday morning we headed to Hammond for church.  We stopped at the local fabulous Doughlicious Donut shop for a sugar start to the day.  I loved the bench with the sprinkles donut pillow! Sprinkle donuts are my favorite!

Chip and Misty handle the Information Desk at their church, The Harbor in Hammond.  Madisyn was getting a big hug from Misty, Chip was his silly self in the background!

We are looking forward to going back to our church next week. We’ve been spending time at their church which was great but it will be wonderful to get back to our Trinity family!

We wound up our weekend activities at El Agave in Hammond.  D E L I C I O U S Mexican food.  We were in Mexican food paradise!  This is one of their favorite places to eat and I now think it is Roy and mine! Aren’t these people below just precious!

My sweet hubby and his adorable wife!

We went back to their home and rested a while before bringing Madisyn to her mom’s home.  What a blessing this weekend was.  We see them from time to time but being able to be with all three of them all weekend was a BIG blessing to Roy and I.  Seeing the bond that Madisyn has with her dad and her stepmom makes my heart so happy.

Ya’ll have a Blessed week!


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