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08.04.19 My name is Rosalyn

A friend I’ve known for about 30 years asked me this morning if my name was RO-SA-LYN or RAH-ZA-LYN.   I won’t reveal his name so he doesn’t get bombarded with hate mail!

Ages ago people not knowing how to pronounce my name didn’t bother me.  You know why?  My mama would correct anyone who called me RAH-ZA-LYN.

Like she did, I’ll tell you my story.  My grandmother’s name was Rosa.  I called her Mimi but her given name was Rosa.  Mama and Daddy named me after her so Rosa is the first part of my name.  Hence, Rosa-lyn.

I still don’t usually correct people, even though mama is not around to take care of that.  I just don’t care but when someone I’ve known half my life doesn’t know how to pronounce my name I thought it might be more widespread than just him.

Practice with me:





No, you are not being punished and you do not have to write line after line of “I will not mispronounce ROSALYN’S name again”

Rosalyn Chauvin (pronounced as RO-SA-LYN SHOW-VAN) signing off for today!

Help me now!  Call me Rosa-lyn show-van


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