2019, Rock Painting and Hiding

06.11.19 Rock Painting Inspiration – lots of pictures of painted rocks! by Rosalyn Chauvin – PART THREE OF A FOUR PART SERIES

I’ve painted well over 2000 rocks since I started rock painting. These below are just a few that I’ve painted and a few rocks others painted that inspired me. Sometimes I paint holiday related rocks, sometimes silly rocks, sometimes I use stickers on my rocks, sometimes it’s inspiration wording, most of the time there is somethingi about God somewhere on the rock, and sometimes it’s a picture (rarely those though!).  I will try to keep the rocks organized by type or holiday.  I hope these bring you some inspiration in your rock painting!

Here are links to the first two parts to my Rock Painting Series.




This year’s Santa rocks were my favorites.  I loved putting the messages on the back!

From time to time when I find cool stickers I use them occasionally on my rocks.  I like using stencils and on the Christmas tree rock below that’s what I did.



The candy corns are my primary Halloween rocks.  Because I don’t want kids to think the smaller ones are real candy corn I write either “Smile” or “God Loves You” on the front of them!



I do dozens of these easy little hatched eggs each Easter.  Kids love them and they don’t take a long time to put together.  I mostly find the rocks for the eggs in our driveway!

Easter is in the spring so there are usually a lot of pastel colored rocks.  The 1 Cross + 3 Nails= Forgiven are my favorites for Easter along with the Hatched Egg.  The pink and blue rocks with initials are my grandchildren in age order.  That is an idea I found elsewhere and loved doing it.  Very simple but it keeps them close without a picture, their names, just initials.   VALENTINES

I paint a lot of Love rocks all through the year.  These are some I did this year using stickers.

With summer comes enjoying eating watermelon and my mind always goes to making watermelon rocks! They are by no means perfect looking melon slices but everyone seems to really like them!

My favorite style of rock painting doesn’t have a name (I call them my colored closed letter rocks) but it’s the ones I can use to inspire someone, make them happy, make them realize that God loves them, and any number of things!  Here they are!

These were pictures of two rocks I saw that stuck with me and inspired me.  Mine are a bit different and have evolved over time to the last one in this group.  The saying on the first one is one of my favorites to put on bigger rocks. The number of words would not fit on a small rock.

These are them in various stages of completion.

The basic idea behind these is to write a message that hopefully includes several letters that are closed in like the e, d, a, the circle over the i, o, etc. After writing the words I fill in the closed letters with a different letter each (as much as that is possible.) Sometimes as you’ll see below I experiment putting art, stickers, crazy eyes or something else inside the black-rimmed space.  Sometimes the space where the words are written is white, sometimes its a color.  It depends on my mood that day!   You can see that being a kind person is a big deal to me on my rocks.  Recently I’ve started writing “Did you make God smile today?”  I want to get the finder thinking hopefully about God!  

These are the most recent version of the colored letter rocks.  I just bought Posca pens and experimented with their fine tip for writing and the pastel colors. I’ve also started adding similar colored glitter glue on top of the painted letters.  The reverse side of these is black with a red rim instead of the usual colored back and black rim.

I sometimes make a few rocks centered around a sticker, or a tiny pearl, or colored stone, or clover for St. Patrick’s Day.  Pretty much anything I can find for 97 cents a sheet at Walmart, sometimes Dollar General! You’ll see them in some of the photos above and below.

The first photo below has a couple of rocks with stickers on them.  It also includes my sun, sky, grass and flowers rock that comes in many forms depending on the rock and what I have available to decorate or paint on it! I love doing the sun, sky, grass, flowers ones!

Heres a silly one I did with some ladybug stickers going up and down a highway!

M&M rocks with a bite or two taken out are great, silly small and large rock creations! The right shaped rock is hard to find so I search specifically for those when I can. These are a batch I did not exactly look like M&Ms but they came out cute anyway!

Our vegetable garden has the cutest rocks at the end of each row designating what’s growing on the row.

We rented out our motor home to families for vacations last year.  I made each family a painted rock to remember their trip.  They all loved them.  I put a message to them on the back.

I made our pastor and church staff individual large rocks with scriptures or other things on them to let them know we appreciate them. Here are two of them.

I made a rock village of houses, recreation area, lots of shopping stores, etc. I had somehelp from the grandchildren on those! After enjoying it as a village for a while I decided to put my labels on the back and hide them like any other rocks.

I found a Facebook group that walks you through step by step drawing a picture on a rock.  I haven’t been able to duplicate very well anything but I like being able to at least paint something that looks like a flower, a rose, or an owl on a branch, or a penguin.  The Facebook group is How to Paint Rocks Step by Step Tutorials.  This link will take you directly to the pages where they do the step by step instructions.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/RockPaintingStepByStep/photos/?filter=albums        If you just go to the main page you’ll need to click on Photos on the left and then when the Photos page comes up click on Albums on the second line underneath the group’s picture.  A crazy way to get there, but that’s how you do it.

Some of my favorite rocks are the silliest, fall into no category and make me happy when I’m creating them.  I love putting dots on rocks in varous forms.  It kind of makes them cuter in my opinion!


New Orleans Saints Fleur de Lis rocks are made all of the time by this New Orleans born girl!    These puppy rocks are a favorite of my youngest granddaughter.  In fact, she has two!

There is a technique called paint pouring.  It can be done in several different ways.  Googling it will give you videos for several of the ways to do this.  I try it from time to time and really like the results.

.The rocks above with inspiration painted on them below!

The rest of the rocks here are some groups of rocks that I’ve made or others made that inspired me over the last couple of years.  Some of the inspirations caused me to push the limits of my ability to try something new and harder.  Maybe you’ll find something too!



Mandella dot rocks is a technique I’ve tried but wasn’t very good at.  I love it so here’s a couple of mandella dot rocks. If they inspire you and you want to try it Google it and you’ll be set!

I’ve searched for inspirational sayings that I can use on my rocks.  Since this blog post is sooooo long already I’m going to create a fourth part to the Rock Painting Series of Inspirational Sayings ya’ll can refer to!

This post went on and on way longer than I originally intended, so sorry!

Stay tuned for Part Four! Ya’ll have a Blessed Week!


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