2019, Rock Painting and Hiding

06.09.19 Painted Rock Hiding Places, by Rosalyn Chauvin – PART TWO OF A FOUR PART SERIES

It’s taking a long time to go through all the photos I’ve taken of my rocks to pick out maybe 50 to share here.  It was quicker to go through the photos of places I’ve hidden rocks so they are below.  The inspiration for rock painting will come in the next blog post!

Click on the link if you didn’t read the first post about ALL THINGS TO KNOW AND TO BUY TO PAINT ROCKS.

Hiding rocks in plain sight takes a little bit of getting used to! At first, I was afraid that people who saw me hiding them would think I was hiding little bombs!  I’ve gotten over that and hide them wherever we go! I don’t leave my house without a basket of rocks to hide just in case we stop somewhere!  The lower to the ground you can put a rock the more chances a chlld will find it!

Just to give you some ideas, these are a few places I’ve hidden my rocks.
Poles in parking lots are great places to hide rocks.  They all usually have posts like this.

The big light posts are perfect for displaying your precious creations.

Leaning up against a pole.  Every doctor’s office or hospital has columns somewhere out front so one is always left on those too!

Leaning up against a wall near the entrance to a business.  This one happened to be a church front door.

Convenience stores always have an ice machine you can leave a rock on top of near the edge so it will be seen.

Convenience stores also usually have a ledge going around the front of the building where you can hide a rock.

This was in our travels but wherever you can find a rock wall is a good place to hide a rock!

In front of RaceTrak and other gas stations/convenience stores, they have poles where rocks can be hidden

A painted rock will stand out when placed on top of a bed of rocks. .On cement where it meets a flower bed.

Lowe’s and Home Depots vegetable and flower stands

Any object like this!

Up against a window on the ledge   On the ground up against a building.  Most of my rocks are hidden in these locations.

A seating place or ledge against a building 

A wooden railing 

.Concrete ledge near a water fountain

On top of a large rock in a garden, out of a garden!

Keep others’ safety in mind. I hope you see from these pictures that the rocks are placed where it will not cause someone to trip over them, they are out of the way and are not in the grass where they could be thrown at someone when the grass is cut.

Think about the person finding your rock. Don’t put them in a dangerous situation to retrieve your rock.  And don’t put them where someone could trip on them.  As you can see, against a wall, on top of a pole, up against a pole, in a garden, on a rock, on a ledge, etc. is recommended.

National Parks and National Forests prohibit rocks from being hidden on their premises. They will throw them away so don’t let that happen!!

Let meknow if you fin a new place to hide your rocks!  The hiding is part of the fun!!

Click on the link if you didn’t read the first post about ALL THINGS TO KNOW AND TO BUY TO PAINT ROCKS.

Part three can be found at  ROCK PAINTING INSPIRATION – Lots of painted rock pictures


Have fun hiding rocks, but be respectful!


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