2019, Home in Amite

05.28.19 Honey I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

You know when everything is just strolling along in your life and suddenly you fall over a large flower planter that your darling wife left in the middle of the walkway that goes from the house to the driveway? Well, that’s Roy’s story from last Monday night and he’s sure sticking to it!

That is what happened and the poor darling laid out in the yard in pain hollering for me.  Since I sleep with two great earplugs and my CPAP machine on I don’t hear anything happening inside my bedroom much less outside the house in the front yard.  He pulled himself inside and took a hot bath.

The next morning he headed for our local Urgent Care center where he had X-rays on his wrist and rib.  Don’t know why but the x-rays didn’t come out really clear. He was told the wrist looks broken and recommended he see our orthopedic doctor.  They put on a wrist brace to keep his wrist stable and prescribed some pain medicine. We called Dr. Blessey that did my knee replacement.  He had an opening for 10:45 the next morning Wednesday at Ochsner in Covington.

Off to Covington we went the next morning.  They did a wrist and ribs x-ray because the pictures on the disk the urgent care gave us of the x-rays done there had nothing on it! Isn’t that special!

They mistakenly took two full body x-rays of Roy dancing!

Wrist x-ray showed a fracture. A ribs x-ray doesn’t show everything because the lungs are in the way but Dr. Blessey said it was broken.  It seems they treat a broken rib just like a bruised rib which is to do nothing.  They don’t even prescribe pain medicine for bone fractures because he says pain medicines slow down bone repair.  Not exactly something we were pleased to hear but there ya’ go!

He’s been taking the pain medicine that urgent care gave him for the first few days.   On Saturday we had our family reunion at our home and he didn’t take pain medicine then, yesterday and today. He is still in a good bit of pain and prayers for that to go away are appreciated.

This little wife of his is very sorry she left the large flower planter where he wouldn’t see it in the dark which hurt him badly. Lots of people prayed for my honey and he seems to be on the mend now.  Old folks mend slowly but please join us in praying that he heals faster than expected!

Like I said above our family reunion was Saturday. I’ll be writing next about all the fun we had then!

I mean no disrespect for the pain Roy’s been in with the two funny graphics.  I just had no photos and that made me a bit crazy so I googled and found some!

Ya’ll have a Blessed Week!


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