2019, Home in Amite

05.09.19 Rain, Rain, Flood in the pond

The rain is far from over here in Tangipahoa Parish in Southern Louisiana.  Right now our pond is way over its banks and for the first time, I’m seeing the flow of rain waters from our neighbor’s lands completely cover the land from the fence line to the pond.  The pictures should explain this better than words can.  I took several photos just now and will share them all below.  I usually try to reduce the number of photos but these all are needed to show what it looks like.  There is a video as well that starts from the neighbor’s land and ends at our pond.

What it looks like coming down the hill from the house.

There is a white bench that is completely underwater and cannot be seen.

The neighbor’s property fence line where our culvert starts. The water is completely over the ditch and flowing into the right-hand side of the picture below on their side of the fence and ours.

The property between the fence line and the pond.  The pine trees in both photos should be completely off the shoreline. The video below shows the water going from the neighbor’s property over the culvert and into the pond.  If the rain stopped now it would drain into the pond and off the grassy areas fairly quickly But the rain continues and is forecast to continue for the next few days.  If the scene out there changes drastically I’ll share again!

On my way back to the house I snapped a photo of the main vegetable garden.  It’s looking great!

Ya’ll have a Blessed day even if it is rainy.  I am enjoying the rest that the rain is causing me to get!!


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