03.02.19 Rosalyn and Harry’s Hometown

I only know Harry Connick Jr. through television. I love to hear him play the piano and sing.  His dad Harry Connick Sr. was very famous to us for his work as District Attorney in New Orleans for what seemed like decades.

Harry and I both grew up in Lakeview, a beautiful part of New Orleans so we  have the same hometown. I enjoyed the video below by Harry where he takes us around New Orleans to see some of what makes our hometown so special.

The video below includes his favorite food places

Cafe Du Monde,
Camellia Grill
Cava on Harrison Avenue
Plum Street Snowball

I love Cafe Du Monde where I always get beignets and chocolate milk. They now have 8 locations.

I love Camellia Grill. Roy makes something similar to their Chocolate Freeze which we call Slap Ya’ Mama.

I’ve never eaten at Cava but we should.

Plum Street Snowballs are outstanding. My favorite snowball stand in New Orleans is the one we always went to growing up, NOLA Snowballs at 908 Harrison Avenue in Lakeview. NOLA Snowballs had a different name when I was young.  I think it was Harrison Snowballs.  One thing I remember is that it was owned by my friend Worm’s dad.  I think it’s the name Worm that stuck in my mind!

Harry uses the media often to share his love for New Orleans.  I want to share this amazing city with ya’ll as I’ve done often in the past.  This isn’t the first New Orleans focused blog post I’ve done and it probably won’t be the last.

Contact info for his favorite food places:

Cafe Du Monde
800 Decatur Street
New Orleans 70116
504 525 4544

Camellia Grill
626 S Carrollton Avenue
New Orleans 70112
504 309 2679

Cava in Lakeview
789 Harrison Ave
New Orleans 70124
504 304 9034

Plum Street Snowballs – corner of Plum and Burdette St
1300 Burdette St
New Orleans 70118
504 866 7996

Hope you enjoyed Harry’s tour around New Orleans, our hometown!

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend!

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