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02.24.19 Decorating the walls at Casa de Chauvin

Sometimes I really miss all the adventures we’ve had while living on the road in Dora, our motor home.

Since moving into our sticks and bricks home (that’s what motor home folks call their house), the walls are kinda empty except for televisions and a couple of pieces of decoration.

Roy recently came up with a great idea to decorate the walls.  We’re going to take some of our favorite photos from our travels and have them printed on canvas!  The five years on the road were filled with many adventures and we always want to remember them.

I started going through all our travel photos to pick out some fo the ones we love the most from the first photos from 2012 up to the time we stopped traveling last year. What I’m finding, while going through all of these blog posts, is that they are bringing back so many special, heart happy memories. I noticed that our smiles in the photos are such genuinely happy smiles coming from the joy in our hearts seeing all of the amazing things our country has from coast to coast.  God gave us the gift of travel and adventure at a time He knew we most needed it.

I finished that process recently and have picked out 371 photos!  We’d have to add many rooms to our house to have enough walls to hang all those.  I can see this is going to be a huge endeavor to narrow it down to our 10 (at most) favorites.

We didn’t know how these canvas prints would come out.  We first had Easy Canvas Prints make a recent family photo into a canvas print for both of our son’s families for Christmas.  We loved how those came out and our son’s families loved them as well. Using a two for one discount they offered the price was very reasonable.

We looked at several different companies to price having a three part canvas print made from a photo I took while standing on the bridge across Niagara Falls that goes from America to Canada.  This is the original photo.Canvas Campus is who we ordered our three part photo of Niagara Falls wall art from. They offered a free 8″ x 8″ canvas print with any purchase of $99 or more.  Our order was exactly $99 so we sent them the photo below of Roy and I when we went to Colorado the first time and toured the Colorado Rockies stadium.  We got to sit in the dugout and another visitor took this photo where I’m calling down to the bull pen for a relief pitcher! The Niagara Falls split picture is made up of three 30″ high x 20″ wide canvases. It is now hung up on the wall over our sofa.

We love it there! We have such great memories of Niagara Falls and our time on the Maid of the Mist that this is perfect for our living room.  You can see the Maid of the Mist in the lower right hand corner of the photo. Here’s the Coors Field photo on canvas.

l am thankful that God allowed us to experience all of those memories and we are so happy to have been able to share a lot of them with you on Dora and the Explorers!

Next we’ll order three separate canvas prints of three different views of the Grand Canyon.  That will go in our bedroom over the bed.  I plan to have several canvases around the house that are not three part but we thought this was a good place to start so we could see if we like it, and we do!

If you are interested in having your photos put on canvas I’d recommend shopping around.  They all seem to have different specials at different times.  Some of the companies have way higher shipping prices than others.  We were pleased with the final work of both Easy Canvas Prints and Canvas Campus.  The Niagara Falls canvases came in laid out wrong the first time but the company came through sending us the correct prints the second time at no cost and in a very fast manner.

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend!

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