10.30.18 People’s Health, People’s Health

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 – Today we signed up with People’s Health (PH) through the Office of Group Benefits (OGB), State of Louisiana.  For many decades I’ve been able to compare insurance offerings and decide what was best for our family.  I tried really, really hard for several hours over the course of a few days and just couldn’t get it.

We currently  have Medicare and a Blue Cross supplement through OGB.  We liked all the benefits the commercials from People’s Health made look so desirable and with no premium!  I did understand at least that the People’s Health benefits in the commercials was  probably different than PH with OGB.  So with the little bit I did understand it was enough to know we needed help with understanding the choices.

Office of Group Benefits with the State of Louisiana has several meetings state wide for employees and retirees to learn the difference between the many plans offered.  I knew that having dementia it would be best for a one on one visit.

I reached out to People’s Health and a really nice young lady, Elisa Rosales, a sales representative with PH, contacted me.  We talked a bit on the phone and I sent her a list of questions, a list of our medicines and doctors.  Our son Chip previously sold Medicare supplements, in his before car selling life.  We asked him to join us for the meeting and he came an hour early so we could discuss everything before Elisa arrived at our house.

We were all very impressed with how prepared she was. She took us through one health benefit at a time comparing the normal PH’s plan advertised on television, to the PH’s plan through OGB, State of Louisiana.

Once we realized that for us the PH with OGB was the better plan for our needs we then compared it to what Blue Cross through OGB was offering for 2019.   With so many things changing with the Blue Cross plan for 2019 it was easy to see that the PH’s plan coverage was far better. We will save a bit on the premiums, save a lot on hospital stays and a lot on our prescription costs and we have dental and vision coverage with People’s Health. Kinda sad to be leaving Blue Cross on January 1, 2019 but becoming People’s Health members is the right thing for us.

If you need help like we did, whether you are with the OGB or not, here’s her contact information:  Cell 504-756-0800, Office 504-681-8429 and her email address is elisa.rosales@peopleshealth.com.  Give her a holler, you’ll be glad you did!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

1 thought on “10.30.18 People’s Health, People’s Health”

  1. It was my absolute pleasure to meet you and your family! I could have stayed and hung out with ya’ll all day long!


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