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07.23.18 Private pre surgery class

Monday, July 23, 2018 – Never have I ever heard of a private pre-surgery class, but we went to one this week.  Dr. Peter Blessey is doing my partial knee replacement.  I got a call from his office to schedule a presurgery class for myself and Roy who will be accompanying me the day of the surgery.  He’s called my “Recovery Coach”!  I thought it would be a class with multiple patients but it turned out to be a one on one class!

The surgery will be at Ochsner’s Covington Surgery Center and that’s where the class was held.  They called it Joint Camp at Ochsner Covington!

It started with a meeting with Penny, the surgical nurse, in one of the rooms in the pre-surgery area.  She went over everything that will happen there before and after the surgery.  We reviewed all of my medicines and I was told what to take and not to take before the surgery.  One thing is that the Plavix I take will be stopped one day before surgery and I’ll be put on Coumadin starting the day before and lasting for three weeks.  She explained a lot of things to me and it was very comforting to see where I’ll be and meet the nurse that will take care of me.  I wish I could remember her name but I don’t. I learned that my surgery is scheduled for 8:45 am and we have to be at the hospital for 7:30 that morning.

Once that was all reviewed we were taken to meet Troy who is the Registered Nurse Navigator of the Ochsner Total Joint Program.  We met with him in a conference room where he gave us a folder with lots of information and walked us through a presentation covering everything the surgery will involve, what not to do after the surgery, the exercises to do after the surgery, how to prepare our house to make it easier for me to get around, pain management, post surgical care, physical therapy and other groovy stuff!

Troy went over the equipment I’ll need which include a raised potty (oh something every girl wants!!), a walker and a tub bench.  They order it for me then so it’s ready when I need it!

They said the surgery is around 2 hours and when I come out from the anesthesia they’ll get me up and I’ll be walking.  I’ll go home the same day!

We were both so impressed with this personal class and feel very prepared for the surgery!  July 31st here we come!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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