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07.16.18 What’s Dora Been Up To???

Monday, June 16, 2018 – Our sweet girl, Dora (our motor home) went out on her first vacation without us in Mid June.  A sweet family from New Orleans took her to Tennessee and Arkansas where she enjoyed a week with them.

When they came back they left us with Haagen Dazs Mango Sorbet, Blue Bell Peaches and Cream, Blueberry Eggos, two white nectarines and two bags of river rocks for me to paint!!!! I’m kind of looking forwards to the renters returning from now on! The bar has been set high!!

I’ve painted rocks for each family of renters and gave them theirs when they brought Dora home.  I hope to have many painted rocks give to renters over the next months and years!

We had a 24 hour turn around before Dora left with the next renters on a trip all the way up to lobster country in Maine and New York before coming back through Texas and arrived back home on Thursday evening.  Theirs was a 17 day trip.  When leaving for home at the end of their reservation, these renters said how much they will miss Dora and that she was a big flirt with the big rigs!!  They too brought me some rocks that they collected along their vacation for me to paint.  These renters own a successful business and were kind enough to give us some very useful suggestions of things we can add to our free list to make future vacations even better for upcoming families.

Dora leaves our home here in Amite Monday morning for the beauty parlor at Dixie RV in Hammond. Here she is with Boots hooked up to her once again.

We have almost two weeks before the next renters arrive to take Dora out west for 14 days.  We’ll probably show before and after photos when she’s finished with her appointment.  They kept her today at Dixie RV to do what work they can get done before she’s needed back on the road.  When we left I asked them to please take good care of our girl!

We are learning so much about this RV rental business with each reservation.  One thing we’ve learned is that we are making some lifelong friends with the renters who are getting to live in Dora during their travels.  We have gotten to know them well enough that we know what their prayer needs are.  They are prayed for everyday now.

We’ve added to what we provide our renters, a small ironing board and iron; bath towels, wash clothes and hand towels for six; a big trash can for the kitchen with bags; and shampoos for the dispensers (salon quality, kids no tears and head and shoulders).  I’d like for it to be very easy to take a trip with our Dora.  The less they have to bring the easier it will be on them.  Bring your clothes, your camera and some food!  That’s where we’re going with this.  We learned that while we thought the price we started out asking per day was a lot, Dora is worth much more than that per day, so her price has gone up.  There is an RV Owners Facebook group page for both companies we have Dora listed with.  That’s where a wealth of information is available and someplace I check out each day.  All of our rentals except one have been through RVShare and that one exception is a three day weekend rental with Outdoorsy.  This three day weekend rental include our first delivery to their home and pick up from their home so we’ll learn from that first.  If the three day weekend thing (she’s going to an LSU game) turns out well we may put together a three day football game package to attract rentals for those.

That’s what Dora’s been up to and what her near future plans are.  The video below has nothing to do with RVing but I found it so fascinating I had to share!

While we were in Hammond today I saw my family doctor, Dr. Hugo Valdes for a knee surgery preop and also to have my a1C checked one more time.  I T   I S   6.9  W H I C H  I S  A M A Z I N G  T O  M E!!!  I give God all the glory for working this very amazing miracle in me!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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