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06.19.18 Trinity’s Senior Adult Luncheon

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 – Last Thursday our church, Trinity Baptist, had a Senior Adult’s Luncheon for us Seniors.

Several, many years ago Julie Lester and I put together Senior Adults Luncheons for the then senior ladies.  Julie did a cooking demonstration and cooked for them one year and Bro. Randy cooked for them the next time. We did crafts with the ladies each year and I think Julie and I enjoyed it every bit as much as they did. I remember that Debbie Berteau did a flower arrangement demonstration for the ladies and one of them got to take it home. At that time I think we had only a hand full of senior ladies. This is a photo from the year we made flowery bonnets with them. Ms. Olga Hubsch and Ms. Louise Traylor in the photo below were with us at this year’s luncheon.

Here is Bro. Bob obviously getting some advice from Ms. Louise Traylor who was in attendance at the luncheon long ago and this year’s luncheon!

My mama’s dear friend, pretty, young Ms. Olga Hubsch in her mid 90s looks younger than most of us in our 60s! She’s the pretty lady with the dark hair peeking around Bro.Bob and David Taylor! Mama is probably up in heaven just a smiling about she, Roy and I being in the senior group together!  She was one of the two who were in attendance at the long ago luncheons and at this recent one!

Now Roy and I are old enough to be included in the “Senior” age group. Since several of our age group friends were also there I guess we really are the seniors. My friend Leanna Traylor wrote on Facebook, “I know Johnnie Whisenhunt and I were way too young to be there, but thanks for letting us come chaperone!!!” Ya gotta love our wacky friends! Look at that smile on Johnnie’s face (the blonde), she’s a hoot!  Leanna had to monitor her the whole time!This luncheon was such a blessing, I can’t say that enough. A wonderful time of fellowship, entertainment and a beautiful devotion. All that on top of delicious food provided by the church and some of our ladies. Derek, our associate pastor, was the griller of delicious juicy chicken breasts. We had potatoes, green beans, rolls and amazingly delicious desserts provided by Linda Graves and Nancy Williamson. Banana pudding, pecan pie and Carrot Cake Triffle.

Nancy Williamson and Linda Graves, the ladies that made our delicious desserts. Thank you so much!

We had around 40 in attendance! I didn’t realize we had 40 senior adults at Trinity. Then I got to thinking about all those who weren’t there and we probably have 60 plus.

The program included beautiful and talented young Lily Brocato (Teddy and Wanda Forrest’s granddaughter) who sang accompanied by her Ukulele. We we sang along with her for a couple of songs, one of which was You Are My Sunshine! We’ve all enjoyed getting to hear Lily sing as she’s been growing up and love to hear her beautiful voice! Lily’s mama Jessica grew up with our sons Chip and his brother. Lily looks just like a young Jessica! So beautiful!

Bro Bob Adams was our interim pastor before Bro Avery became our pastor. He and Ms. Janice were with us a couple of years and we all came to love his preaching, his positive spirit. As a couple, they brought so much love and a very kind spirit to our church. They both spoke to us about growing older and growing stronger in our love for Christ. We all enjoyed it. We had grown to love Ms. Janice’s witty speaking style while they were with us. Having them both speak to us was such a treat! They were celebrating their 52nd wedding anniversary the day of the luncheon. When they celebrated their 50th anniversary they were with us as our pastor and his wife. There are a few special people in all our lives who speak to us deeply, this couple did that for us!

A little summary of what they shared with us is, “From the moment of our conception we become Time Travelers journeying through our lives at a constant rate! As with any journey the travel through time changes us! We often want the journey to stop and enjoy the moment we are in, but we do not have that luxury! This will be true until the Lord comes or we go through the door of death to a timeless eternity! The comfort in all of this is that Jesus enters Time to travel with us and then welcomes us into the timelessness of eternity!!” Do these folks have a way with words, yes they do! We all love you Bro. Bob and Ms. Janice!

Thanks to everyone who made this day special for all of us seniors. Derek and Koree Wall, Linda Graves and Nancy Williamson, Lilly Brocato and Teddy Forest, Bro. Bob and Ms. Janice Adams.

These last photos are random ones taken throughout the luncheon of our senior friends having fun talking and laughing and sometimes looking really serious. I think that’s what it looks like when old folks who don’t hear well any more are trying to listen to what their friends are saying! That’s all I could come up with for why some of the photos look so serious like this one below! They were laughing a moment later!

God is so good all the time! And all the time God is good! I am going to share this on facebook with some of the children of the seniors who may love to see their folks having fun!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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