2018, Treasured Photos

05.22.18 2009 Trinity Father’s Day photos that we will start with for 2018

These are the photos that we will start with for our 2018 Father’s Day slide show.  Those who no longer attend Trinity have been removed from the original slide show so we have room for photos from new folks or newer photos from current members.  Check it out so you’ll know which ones you don’t need to send in.

If you want any of yours removed from those you see below, please let me know really soon!  If I left in photos of members who have left Trinity let me know that also!

Please limit the photos per father to 5.  Photos can be sent to me at rosalyn@selu.edu.  The deadline is June 4th but I’d really like them by June 1st since we’ll be moving from our motor home to our house June 4th to June 10th.


Well that’s it folks!  Please send me the names of the father’s and children in the photos you send to rosalyn@selu.edu.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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