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05.11.18 Second decision

Friday, May 11, 2018 This and the blog post before this one were mostly written to help me remember things.  You’re welcome to read it and follow us on this new adventure, if you’d like.

If you didn’t read about the first decision here it is: https://rosalynandroy.com/2018/05/09/05-10-18-roy-and-i-made-two-life-changing-decisions/

When it comes to deciding what we do with Dora (our motor home) once we move into the house, keeping Dora is definitely our first choice for this next decision, but not one we thought we’d get to choose.  We can’t afford the motor home note and living in the house without the rental income so we thought our only option was to put her up for sale. That still may happen, but……. we found out about renting out our RV to folks who want to use it for vacation or maybe to see if they’d like to buy one.  Hmmmmm……

My old boss, Curtis the founder at RVillage, shared with us that this is a big thing going on in the RV world.  Lots of people are choosing to rent out their motor home when they are not using it. Image result We knew about companies that own lots of motor homes, mostly Class C and rent them out.  The company we knew about is Cruise America.  We saw hundreds of them when we’ve been traveling in the north, whether north east, central or west.  We learned from a couple touring the US from Italy that it cost them $400 a day to rent a Class C.  Wow, we couldn’t imagine anyone doing that but they were by the hundreds.

Since we didn’t previously know about private RV owners renting theirs out we had a lot of research and learning to do.  What we’ve learned is that there are several companies who allow you to share all the information and photos about the RV that you want to on their website and interested people contact you about renting it.  The company handles all the paperwork and insurance for between a 20 to 30 percent commission.   The company promotes the RVs (from small travel trailers to large motor homes like ours) on Facebook, etc.  We will of course do our own promoting here and on Facebook along with the various sites that offer that service.

The company that Curtis recommended was called mighway.com.  They are a fairly new company mostly in New Zealand and in California.  We will be signing up with them eventually but we found a different company that we learned more about and we’ve posted Dora for rent on that site first.  The site is RVShare.com.  We’ll also be posting on every other site that we can.

The reason we started with RVShare is that when we called one of the motor home owners in LaPlace, Louisiana to find out about outdoorsy.com he said he’d had a lot of rentals of his motor home mostly through RVShare.com. We talked to James for quite a while and he said so many great things about renting out his motorhome when he’s not using it.  There is no risk for us since there is no upfront cost as we pay the commission only when it’s rented.  We’ve listed Dora on their site and here is a link to the page about Dora.  https://rvshare.com/rvs/details/1099791  We still have to add captions to the photos but you’ll get the idea from what’s there.

We’re now taking baby steps towards moving out of Dora.  I’ve removed all the magnets from places we’ve visited that were all over the refrigerator front.  Yes that’s a baby step but it’s step one! Several other little things have been taken down and are now stored.

We cannot actually rent Dora out until we have completely moved out since we’re well moved into her with everything we still own!  Going forward two things have to be accomplished.

One is that we have a few things to fix and even upgrade.  Small things we’ve lived with but things we want the renters to be happy about instead of saying, ick or uhhhh!!  Also these motor homes are usually rented including most things the renter needs other than their clothing and personal items and food.  They will get sheets, blankets for six and a bedspread on the main bed. Dishes, utensils, cooking utensils, coffee pot, glasses and coffee cups, toaster, can opener, pots and pans, toilet paper, papertowels, dish towels, pot holders, salt and pepper and other miscellaneous items.

The second thing to accomplish is getting furniture and other household items. The total amount of furniture that we have is a small chinese looking table that use to belong to my sister.  That’s going to look great in a three bedroom two bath empty home!  Since we are leaving several of our kitchen items and bed sheets, etc. for the folks who rent our motor home, we’ll need to get a second set of those for use in the house.

That means we will need to acquire (as cheaply as possible) or even free at least the furniture for a bedroom and a living room.  If you or anyone you know is getting new furniture and moving out the old let us know! We’ll check it out.  We’ll use our outdoor chairs, rockers and tables inside until something better comes along!  This part is going to be an adventure since we’re use to living quite comfortably in our fully furnished motor home.

We do have a kitchen with refrigerator, stove, sink, dishwasher and garbage disposal and a laundry room with washer and dryer in the house – thank goodness! We will not have any plates, most cooking utensils, small appliances, small table, chairs, or basically anything other than the appliances!!!  Oh how I miss the things we sold and gave away when we started this adventure.  Absolutely no regret that we did that five years ago!

This huge task may take us a couple of years to accomplish (getting the house furnished) but we’re game.  While I don’t ever want to have to work again I like the feeling of accomplishing things or meeting a goal.  Always have and this is our new goal for 2018!

If you read our last blog and saw that we were planning a three week trip in June, that is no longer going to happen.  We still have our one week trip to Arkansas in September.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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