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05.10.18 Roy and I made two life changing decisions – First decision

Thursday, May 10, 2018 – Everyone knows that Roy and I have been traveling around our beautiful country most of the year for the last 5 years.  We sold everything we owned including most of our clothing and household furniture, tools, etc. in 2013, bought our motor home and took to the road, renting out our house in Hammond.  Three years ago, in 2015, we sold our house in Hammond and we built a small house in Amite which we have rented out to a wonderful couple.  We created a place for us to park our motor home, also known as Dora, while we’re in town with full hookups and a great patio and gardens.

Every year when we came home for Thanksgiving, Christmas and early the next year, I couldn’t wait to get back on the road and explore more of the United States.  My brain did incredibly well while we were seeing one new place after another.  This country is made up of so many diverse landscapes and cultures, and we were blessed to experience a lot of them.  After seeing all 48 of the contiguous states in America, we started back seeing some of them a second time during 2017.

Last year my brain started fighting all the planning and coordination required to travel and stay in RV Resorts along the way.  Most difficult was trying to do it on a low budget.  That has always been the case but my inability to remember what I just did and having to go back over the planning again and again just to stay in one location brought many tears with it.

Something is different here and with us since we came home last October.  We planned to stay home more this year so we planted more flowers and a lot of vegetables, trying our hand at farming this time.  We only have one trip planned to Arkansas in September for a remote control flying club event.   Being home most of the time without all of that constant planning and coordination has given my brain a rest and that makes me feel better.

Instead of getting antsy to get back on the road we’ve both been much more content to stay home and enjoy what we call our little slice of Heaven here in Amite.  With that decision made we began talking about actually living in our house in Amite.  When it was built we designed everything so that if we ever wanted to move into the house, it would be to our taste and style.  We recently looked at the financial pros and cons of moving into the house and found that it would be a good thing financially for us to do. We both prayed about it for a while.  When we got back together to talk about it we both were at peace with not living in the motor home full time and moving into the house.

Next came talking to our renters.  They were both most gracious and even said they could see it coming.  We want to give them as much time as possible to find a new home and are trying to help with that in ways that we can.  If anyone is looking for renters for their property these are the most outstanding renters you could ask for.  After the issues we had with renting our house on Wardline this has been a totally different experience.  They always pay on time and take excellent care of the house and property, and have wonderfully behaved little Chihuahuas and dachshunds.  Plus they are a joy to share our property with and the puppies come visit us often which we love!

With that decision made, and us moving forward with it, we needed to decide what to do with Dora our motor home and what to do to furnish a totally empty house.  At least we do have a furnished kitchen and laundry room, thank goodness!!  That will be its own adventure and I’ll share about that next time!

Here’s a link to the second decision.

One other change (not the second part to his blog) is that we are most likely going to become Louisiana residents again which is a big process in itself.  Started today getting auto, motor home, and house insurance quotes.

Also:  The Mother’s Day picture presentation is finished and at the church ready to show Sunday.  I absolutely loved doing this.  I almost know by heart everyone’s mom’s names, children and grandchildren’s names.  Especially Johnnie Whisenhunt and her mom Patsy Forbes.  Long story there!

The wild blackberries are ripening abundantly.  Just picked a 45 oz container from the fence lines along the road in front of our house. There are more everywhere!

We’re going to see two of our granddaughters dance revue in Zachary, Louisiana tomorrow (Friday)  evening.  Madisyn is coming with us and we are so excited to go there and see it!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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