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05.08.18 Trinity Family Day Picnic 2018 and The Harbor’s Men’s Crawfish Boil

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 – Our church, Trinity Baptist Church, had our annual Family Day Picnic on Sunday afternoon.

There was an abundance of food, fun, and fellowship. We had hamburgers, chips, dozens of desserts, a bouncy jumper thing, rock climbing wall, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. Don’t know the attendance number but it was big. 

I got to visit with so many of our members and really enjoyed reconnecting with people we haven’t visited with in a while.  My little brain was in overdrive and I’m fairly certain I said a couple of things I may not should have but it was lots of fun!!!

I’m going to try to identify everyone in the pictures, they are all wonderfully outstanding Christian folks and we love them each dearly!

Here’s Lynn, Cathy, Kaylon, Nancy and Caroline

Cathy, in the yellow blouse above took this photo of Roy and me below!

Donna and JP (Pastors family) joined us today for the fun!

Raymond, Jeffrey, Philip, Nancy, Ashley and Evynn

Pastor Avery’s brother Dean and his family

What a motley crew but all great friends – Jeffrey, Philip, Jeri, Nancy, Ashley, Noel, Landry and Evynn

Marie Robbins, Spot and Leanna and Lynn Anderson.  I see Wilson and Juanita and Wayne Green in the distance

Tommy and a really nice man that I don’t know his name!

Wayne and Laurie Green and one of our new members, Melanie Foreman.  Melanie’s children made the most delicious cupcakes – at least according to Roy.  We brought four of them home!

Debra Everett and Koree Hagan

Spot, Jeffrey, Michelle and Leanna – they are always laughing!

The jumpy thing kept the kids going all afternoon. This pic is from early in the afternoon before it filled up!

The ladies and some of the children watched the men and children’s ultimate Frisbee  game from the shaded bleachers.  We are smart women! In no certain order, they are Megan, Deanna, Christie, Misty, Michelle, Gay, Kim, Jeri, Ashley!

Same ladies as above along with Kaylon (from the famous Sweet Magnolia’s play!), Nancy and Roy is hiding somewhere!

The men and children played Ultimate Frisbee.  A couple of our older men played and kept up with those younguns step for step.  I was impressed!  My very wise husband sat out of the game!  We need all of his parts working! The pictures do not show even a little of the running around these folks did constantly for over an hour. I am imagining that there will be lots of folks calling in sick on Monday from their over strenuous Sunday activity!

That’s our new Pastor (Avery) on the ground!  He was standing up running around the rest of the time!  His tall handsome son Aiden is on the right of Pastor Avery in the photo.

After the ultimate frisbee game everyone gathered inside in the air condition  for more eating and rest!  Barry, Bob Anderson, Haze and Spot.

The little girl standing up is Madisyn’s bestfriend Olivia.  You may remember her from the weekend she and Madisyn spent at our house a while back.  Her brother and sister are in our youth group.

And some gathered outside in the shade while they recovered!  Our youth Minister Dustin Pierce in the black shirt and shorts in the center of this pic.

The rock climbing wall was a huge hit with those in good enough shape to attempt it!  I heard Spot Traylor climbed the rock wall but didn’t get a picture of him doing that.  The kids were like little ninjas scampering up and down the wall!

The video below that won’t show automatically CAN BE VIEWED BY CLICKING ON “WATCH ON FACEBOOK IN THE BLACK BOX BELOW” and watch it there.  This is Barry Sterken who is “He Man of the Year” at Trinity.  He did this and played in the Frisbee game.  I was worn out just watching all that!

Thanks to those who let me borrow their photos and video.  There was lots more fun going on all around than I could capture in pictures.  We had time to visit with friends like Cathy Remondet, Randy and Peggy Stogner, Spot and Leanna Traylor, Michelle and Jeffrey Hill, Rebecca and Kaylon Willoughby, Wilson and Juanita Watts, Elaine and Bruce Taylor, Lynn and Bob Anderson, Tommy Picou, Jeri Bankston, Ashley Louviere and many more.  What a blessing this church family is to our life. Thank you all for loving the crazy Chauvin couple, following our adventures and welcoming us back each time we return to our home in Louisiana!

Our son Chip’s church, The Harbor in Hammond, had a men’s crawfish boil and wiffle ball game at the same time we were having our picnic.  I grabbed a couple of his photos (with approval) to share with ya’ll.  Us Christians are sure fed well!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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