2018, Inspiration for Christians, Reposted

04.16.18 A Quiet Thought, April 15th, by Rev. Bob Adams

A quiet thought for this Sunday, April 15th.

The kingdom of heaven (Jesus’ rule in the hearts of His people) is like the rose growing in the corner of my lawn. It should not be alive, much less producing a beautiful flower. Transplanted three times by a person who didn’t know what he was doing (me), it was left abandoned in its last location, never fed, rarely pruned, and never dusted to keep away destructive insects. The fatal blow came last year when I inadvertently cut it down, severed it at the roots, with my riding mower.

I was certain I had seen the last of the rose. Now, more than a year later the rose has stood up from its emaciating death and is giving life to magnificent roses!

Just like the kingdom of God! No matter how harsh the outward world nor how turbulent the inner one, Jesus’ presence in a trusting heart cannot be destroyed.

Watch for Him! His presence will burst forth in your life in a most unlikely place and when you least expect!


Rev. Bob Adams was our interim pastor at Trinity Baptist Church for two years.  His ministry at our church was filled with so many blessings!  It is an honor to share this Sunday’s quiet thought with ya’ll.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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