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04.07.18 Love it when people find our painted rocks and are happy they found them

Saturday, April 7, 2018 –  Happy 39th Birthday to our oldest son! Sunday is my sister Harriett’s 39th birthday also (hee, hee, hee) Happy Birthday Harriett!

For Rock painters/hiders: I’ve discovered that hiding rocks at a Gas Station near an interstate is the best place to give a rock a good chance of traveling to another state.

I’ve written before about rocks I’ve painted and hid that were found by someone. There have been lots more wonderful finds shared on Facebook since then. The first photos below are some of the rocks I’ve painted and hidden recently. Whether they have all been found I don’t know, but my desire is that anyone who finds one is blessed and made happy by finding it.

This first one below made me oh so happy.  Like I say below the photos these are the most creative photos showing the rock was found!  And it’s been traveling through state after state until it ended up in Tennessee.





You all have a blessed weekend!  And please come back next time!

Rock painting and hiding (sometimes known as the Kindness Project) is a wonderful craft for children to do during their summer months. I wrote a blog post last year about how to get started with rock painting.  If you’re interested click here!

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