2018, Family Fun

03.22.18 Chip, Grannie and Madisyn picking strawberries and having fun at Liuzza Land

Madisyn’s class had a field trip on Monday going to Liuzza Land.  Chip and I went with her class and really had a nice time.  Rain was forecast but didn’t happen.  What we got was a cloudy slightly cool and breezy MAGNIFICENT day!  Getting to spend time with Madisyn and her classmates was very special.

Liuzza Land is a local family farm that is open to field trips and the public (on weekends) with several animal exhibits, buggy ride, a guided wagon tour of Liuzza Produce Farms, swings, big jumpy thing, U-pick produce, a concession stand (burgers, hot dogs, etc.)  and much more.

They also have a very nice wedding and reception area.

The whole farm is 500 acres.  We saw beautiful, humongous red strawberries hanging from the bottom of  two million plants.  The top of each plant was full of green new berries that will ripen after the first batch. Also, row after row of tomato plants.  They supply produce of all sorts to Walmart, Winn Dixie, Bohnings in Ponchatoula and their own business, Berrytown Produce.

We each got to pick and fill a container of strawberries to take home.  Here’s the three of us on the wagon ride around the farm

We took a second wagon ride and when Madisyn slipped her little hand into mine I had to capture that moment!

These are the photos Chip and I took throughout the day.  

I included this so you could see their upcoming events, Easter Egg Hunt (Saturday March 24, this coming Saturday) the 1st Annual Berry Bash and BBQ Cook Off (Saturday, April 7)

This big hill had steps leading to the top and two culvert like things that the kids slide down the inside.  They loved this.  Madisyn did it three times!


Here’s the second crop of strawberry still green on top.

  This is the big room where we ate lunch. I love those big brown eyes!

Liuzza Land is located at 56186 Holden Circle Amite, LA 70422.  Their phone number is (985) 284.0722 and website is https://www.liuzzaland.com

It’s $8 for adults and children which includes a container of strawberries that you pick!  After the past few days being so busy I worried about surviving the field trip.  The nice cool weather and getting to spend time with Madisyn and Chip made it a great day!  It’s been many years since this lady went on a school field trip so I’m glad I did it and I’m really glad I survived!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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