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03.21.18 Madisyn and Kallie’s birthdays, massive cooking, doctors and funeral home

Wednesday, March 21, 2018  – This is one of those blog posts that is mostly to help me remember events now and in the future.  You can skip it if you want but it does include some interesting stuff!!  I accidentally published this blog yesterday evening.  Sorry about that if you saw it and it went away.

I saw this video on facebook this morning, I had to add this before publishing this blog post.  It looks so awesome but I’d never do it, how about you??
Our precious Madisyn’s 9th birthday party was earlier this month.  You’ll see her unicorn theme in every photo!     Madisyn’s amazingly delicious Unicorn cake was made by a good friend of ours, Beckie Pistorious.  Beckie can be contacted at Cakes by Beckie, at Carter’s Supermarket in Livingston, LA on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/decothecake/   Here is the back of the cake, wow!
Friday of last week included two doctor visits and a funeral home visit.  I know, wow!!  We started with my family physician, Dr. Valdes.  We were there to get my A1C taken after a month of higher dose of one medicine and cutting sugar/carbs out of my diet.  Last visit it was 9.2, this visit it was 8.1.  Getting much closer to he goal of 7!!!  He increased the soliqua injection dosage to 20.  I’m very encouraged by making as much progress as I have in one month.  I also lost 3 pounds!  I left several painted rocks there!!
Next visit was with my current neurologist.   I don’t behave in a way my Southern mama would approve of when I am meeting with that doctor.  She just sets me off, and I come away from there frustrated and very upset.  I wish I could describe it to ya’ll why this happens every time but I can’t.  The bottom line is that she just doesn’t seem to be as informed about dementia as I need her to be.  One day I will be able to get my thoughts together and document what it actually is that upsets me so much.   She increased the dosage of the brain medicine, Galantamine, to 24 mg. twice a day which I did like.  I don’t know how much good it is doing but it is not making me lightheaded so I’ll take it.  She has ordered a PET Scan for me to better define what is going on in my brain. That did make me happy because I haven’t had one of those yet and it’s suppose to be a very helpful tool in determining the type of dementia.  I don’t have a date for that but once she agreed to do that, I was able to control myself until we left.  I left several painted rocks there also.
When we left there we went to Brandon G. Thompson Funeral Home to meet with Ben Jett about making funeral arrangements for both of us ahead of time.  If you haven’t done this yet I recommend doing it.  It will help your loved ones so much to know what you want.  Ben is a really nice young guy and I’d recommend going to that funeral home to meet with him.  He’s at the funeral home on US 190 and Baptist Road.   Roy and I were able to make these important decisions without the stress of having a death just occurring.  There was some information they wanted that we couldn’t come up with right away so we’ve done some digging in our records at home and are sending those to them this week.  I am now working on putting together a slide show of photos from Roy’s life (mine is already done) and other things related to a funeral.  I’m very happy we have the funeral planning done and documented.  Now to start paying for it.  Wow, that’s the rough part!  Didn’t seem like this was the appropriate place to leave painted rocks!!

Then Saturday was major cooking day in our home. Two pans of cabbage rolls, one pan of cabbage casserole, a giant pot of vegetable beef soup (filled 4 gallon freezer bags) carrot raisin salad. Fresh mashed potatoes (Donna Methvien, Roy made these!!!) with something else I don’t remember. All were made using the ingredients we caught at the St.Patrick’s Day parade in Metairie last Saturday.  That meant a ton of peeling and cutting carrots, potatoes, celery, soup meat. It felt like 10 tons but Roy was a big help peeling the carrots and potatoes.  I did all the chopping.
The photo below are of some of the fresh ingredients in the pot when the vegetable beef soup cooking started.  Everything was fresh except for a can of green beans and a can of corn.
I have to admit that my cabbage rolls don’t look like regular all neat and orderly cabbage rolls.  They do however taste really good!  The cabbage casserole include Parmesan cheese, bread crumbs and butter.  We may not eat cabbage for a long long time until we get over eating it daily!   I made an extra pan of cabbage rolls and cabbage casserole, because my daughter in law Misty said she loves them.  Hope she is enjoying it them this week! By the time we went to bed Saturday evening we didn’t know what was was up or down!!  I truly don’t know how Roy’s mom cooked big meals like she always did.  I slept so soundly from exhaustion, I thought I was coming out of a coma when waking up on Sunday morning and getting ready to go to church.

We went to Chip and Misty’s home after church Sunday to celebrate Kallie (our teenage granddaughter’s) birthday Sunday.  She’s 17 now!!! It was wonderful spending time with this precious young lady.

Kallie’s amazing cake was made by “A Tammy Cake” which Tammy describes as white almond cake filled with berry compote and fresh strawberries, chocolate buttercream icing, ganache and chocolate covered strawberries on top.  Tammy can be contacted on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/atammycake/
Kallie, Grannie and Madisyn
Roy has suddenly become quite busy with computer work and flooring work.  What we thought was going to be a quiet non eventful week, this week, has blown up with fun and other frivolities!  Roy is doing this work so that he can purchase a drone he has wanted for some time! The one he wants is a DJI Mavic Pro.  He currently has a toy drone which doesn’t do nearly the cool things the real one can.

I said in our last post that I’d share about Chip and I going on Madisyn’s school class had a field trip to Liuzza Land yesterday (Monday). I have some other important things to do, like reading in the hammock and down by the pond (!!!!!) on this beautifully cool and sunny day, so I’ll share about that next time!
Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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