2018, Home in Amite

02.24.18 Sunday fun with Chip’s family!

Saturday, February 24, 2018 – Sunday at church was very special.  Our pastor Bro. Avery Dixon preached on the church’s vision statement which is: To be a gospel driven church devoted to love, God’s Word, prayer, fellowship, generosity, service, and disciple making to the ends of the earth.

Teddy Forrest substituted for our Music Minister this week and for one of the verses of How Great Thou Art he asked the congregation to not sing.  He asked the three young girls in the first row sing to sing it.  What a blessing it always is to hear children praise God and this was a huge blessing.  If you’ve been following us for a while you know that singing Praises to God is a very meaningful part of any worship service to me.

One of my favorite ladies Rebecca Willoughby and her precious daughter Gracyn sang Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone and I could just see God’s smiling down as they sang. Gracyn was one of the three young girls who sang How Great Thou Art.  Her mama was so choked up it was difficult for her to sing.  Rebecca has some of the most amazingly talented daughters and this is the youngest.

We asked Chip and his wife Misty if we could visit with them a little bit after church Sunday.  I haven’t seen Misty and Kallie in a while and was missing them.  We told them not to feed us but they came home with delicious pizza which we ate with them and got to visit while we were there. Had a nice visit with Kallie learning about her plans for college.  She wants to be a registered nurse.  She’s very smart and I know she’ll do it!

We got to meet our two new grandkitties, Milo and Lily.  So soft and precious!

Roy needed some help picking up something from our church so I asked Chip if he could help his dad with that during the week.  He said, let’s do it today and we’ll all go to our house and get to visit there!

Oh my goodness, we had so much fun with them at our house.  Madisyn, Misty and I walked around the pond to the other side where all the red mud is.  It’s nice to be on that side of the pond to look across the pond at our house.  As we were going back to our side I slipped on the wet red mud and got lots of it all over my clothes I still had on from church this morning.

We’ve been wanting to take our paddle boat out in the pond but it’s been cold, snowing or raining so we haven’t been able to.  Sunday afternoon was perfect.  Chip and Misty sat in front and handled the paddling.  Madisyn and I sat in the back and just enjoyed the ride.

We had a pond and paddle boat at our home on Hinson Road in Hammond.  Chip said today’s ride reminded him of great memories from when he was a child doing that.


After that Madisyn and I swang in the double hammock for quite a while.  Just us, talking and talking.  She’s so open and loves sharing with me things in her life. She is aware of my dementia and is so sweet and caring.  She never tells me “Grannie you already said that.” I appreciate that a lot.  She knows about how dementia patients love taking care of baby dolls.  She’s already picked out one that she wants to give me.  This child has so much love inside her and I am one very blessed Grannie to be her grandmother!

We all visited for a while before they headed home.  What a surprise and wonderful visit with these folks whom we love so much.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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