02.10.18 A – Weekend with Madisyn – Hammond Mardi Gras Parade, Valentine Box creation, going to church, hammock swinging, ice cream tradition

Saturday, February 10, 2018 – Writing my blog posts has gotten harder and harder so when I have a spurt of words just tumbling out onto a blank page I let it all out.  Since the original blog post was very very long I decided to divide it into parts.  Organization of just about anything was something I use to excel at.  That is one area I do poorly now.  I find now when I read back at things I’ve written this past year that the flow of my sentences stinks. I try really hard for that not to happen, so I hope you all will excuse it!

Last weekend included a joyous couple of days spent with our granddaughter Madisyn who stayed with us from Friday evening until Sunday after church.  It rained, it was cold, yet we were so blessed by her being there.  Friday evening started with Chip, Misty, Kallie, Madisyn, Roy and I going to Hammond’s Krewe of Omega Mardi Gras Parade.  New Orleans has multiple Mardi Gras parades each day for two weeks.  Hammond has one parade during the season.  For not being a huge town (15,000 residents and 15,000 University students) they put on a great parade. It has been at least 10 years since we saw this parade.

Madisyn needed a Valentine shoe box for her classmates to put their valentines for her in.  Her Grannie (me) loves crafts and I have a lot of Valentine hearts and other craft pretties for her box.  Paw Paw painted the bottom of her box red and the top a pretty pink. She decorated the box really pretty. I have loved watching Madisyn’s creativity grow over the years  Here we are looking pretty cruddy on Saturday morning with lots of craft items spread all over the floor!

The next two are of us on our way to church last Sunday.  I don’t know if she inspires me to be silly or if it is the other way around!

She loves the hammock at our house.  It was too cold to stay outside for very long. We enjoy cooking together and over time have cooked chicken and dumplings, cakes, cookies, easter candies, etc.  This weekend we made this chocolate pudding with dirt on top and gummi worms crawling out of the cake!! 

A year or so ago I taught Madisyn some about web page creation (mostly photos) and she enjoyed it.  Here’s a link to that first web page. Madisyn’s Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays on Friday

This weekend I asked if she wanted to do a Silly Saturday blog.  She said “Yes” and we started creation of the blog post with a bunch of pics she picked out.  Here’s a link to that second web page: Silly Saturdays by Madisyn

She’s a very bright young lady and understood everything I showed her.  Show her once and she took it from there.  I’ve enjoyed web page creation for the last couple of decades and am gradually losing the ability to do it like I use to.  I’m hoping Madisyn will like it enough to learn more.

These two have a life long tradition of enjoying a bowl of ice cream together before she goes to bed.   I’m going to do some searching and find all the photos we’ve taken of Madisyn and Paw Paw enjoying this special tradition they have.   The only thing that has changed over the years is that when she was tiny she sat on the other side of Paw Paw under his arm!It took a while to recover once she went home but I’ll take that exhaustion any day to have her in our life! We are planning to visit with the family of our oldest son next week so I’ll be pretty happy with Grannie and grandchildren time!

I still find, paint and hide rocks all the time.  I am creating Valentines, Mardi Gras and spring time rocks right now.  Here’s some we’ve hidden lately.

We leave early Monday morning for an appointment with the knee doctor in Tennessee that did Roy’s knee replacement.  My doctor here said I need a full knee replacement so we are going to Tennessee to see if Dr. Schaeder there agrees or not. We’ll decide what to do next after we see him.  We always look forward to going to that part of Tennessee because they have Krystal Burgers there and we don’t have them in our area any longer.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear


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