02.10.18 B – We lost a sweet lady this week but God Welcomed Her Home!

Saturday, February 1o, 2018 B – A dear sweet loving lady at our church died this week, at the age of 96.  We know her as Ms. Emily.  Her full name is Emily Bankston Wall.   I cried when I got the email from our church about her death.  I cried when I went to the funeral home’s web page and saw her precious picture with her obituary. I cried when I texted our son Chip about her death.  He’s always felt a connection with her since she was a very close friend of my mom, his Grannie.  He’s said that visiting with Ms. Emily felt like a little bit of Mama was still here.

Roy and I went to her funeral Friday. I’ve had time to process the loss of this special little lady from the time I learned of her death until now.  I’ve come to a place of joy for her as she now lives with our Lord in Heaven and will get to live with Him eternally.

I did not cry at the funeral.  I smiled, enjoyed being with other Christians who loved Ms. Emily and had been touched by her presence in our lives.  The songs that were played,the song sung by young Mia (our pastors 9 year old daughter) “How Deep the Father’s Love For Us” acapella, and Bro. Avery’s message all involved much happiness and a sense of celebration.  We loved this special little lady and are all joyous as she is now receiving her eternal reward for a life dedicated to following Christ and lived as a Christian servant. Our pastor, Bro. Avery Dixon shared some of Ms. Emily’s life including how much she loved our Lord and served Him. Bro. Avery had grown to love Ms. Emily in the short time he’s been our pastor and you could hear it in every word he spoke.

A Christian’s funeral is unlike any other.  I’ve requested that mine be a celebration of the fact that I, at that time, am living with my Lord and Savior for all eternity.

This song “Welcome to Heaven my Child”, is a song we played at Mama’s Funeral 10 years ago.  I love it deeply.  This video of someone singing it is a bit different from the original because it is specifically about a woman who was being welcomed to Heaven by God.   I can just imagine God welcoming His child, Ms. Emily, to Heaven!

That’s how this week ended, with a joyous funeral where we said “See you soon, Ms. Emily.”

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